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Mint, also known as Pudina, has several beauty benefits for skin and hair. It is loaded with menthol and antibacterial properties and this makes it a great moisturizer, cleanser, toner and astringent. It also cleanses and strengthens your hair and boosts hair growth.

Engrave offers you the widest collection of natural soaps, shampoos, scrubs and creams made from mint. Choose the perfect product for your skin and hair. Indulge yourself with our extensive range of products.

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  • Ginger Mustard Foot Soak Ginger Mustard Foot Soak
  • Voet Foot Massage Oil Voet Foot Massage Oil
  • Aqua Mint Soap Aqua Mint Soap
  • Aura Bath Salt Aura Bath Salt

    Aura Bath Salt

    Regular Price: Rs.1,400.00

    Special Price Rs.950.00

  • Licorice And Avocado Under Eye Gel
  • Chocolate Vanilla Face Mask
  • Orange Blossom Face Cleansing Powder
  • Holy Basil Wild Turmeric Face Mask
  • Neem, Mint, Basil Face Cleansing Powder
  • Mint Soap
  • Fresh Mint Shower Gel Fresh Mint Shower Gel
  • Peppy Mint Handmade Loofah Soap (150 gms)
  • Rose Garden Bath Salt Rose Garden Bath Salt
  • Lip Balm Combo - Orange & Mint
  • Irish Moss - Mint Bath Oil

    Irish Moss - Mint Bath Oil

    Regular Price: Rs.745.00

    Special Price Rs.633.00

  • Honey Peppermint Sugar Scrub Honey Peppermint Sugar Scrub
  • Biobloom Mint & Rosemary Body Wash
  • Watermint Foaming - Shave Gel

    Watermint Foaming - Shave Gel

    Regular Price: Rs.895.00

    Special Price Rs.761.00

  • Peppermint - Face Wash

    Peppermint - Face Wash

    Regular Price: Rs.695.00

    Special Price Rs.591.00

  • Watermint After - Shave Balm

    Watermint After - Shave Balm

    Regular Price: Rs.695.00

    Special Price Rs.591.00

  • Walnut - Mint Foot Scrub

    Walnut - Mint Foot Scrub

    Regular Price: Rs.595.00

    Special Price Rs.506.00

  • Chocolate-Mint - Body Butter

    Chocolate-Mint - Body Butter

    Regular Price: Rs.1,395.00

    Special Price Rs.1,186.00

  • Spearmint - Body Wash

    Spearmint - Body Wash

    Regular Price: Rs.795.00

    Special Price Rs.676.00

Showing 23 products

12 / 24 / 48 /