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Square Barrel

Mumbai, Maharashtra



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  • Tiered Platter Tiered Platter
  • Etc, Stuff, Things - Storage Bins (Set Of 3) Etc, Stuff, Things - Storage Bins (Set Of 3)
  • Polka Dot Chair Polka Dot Chair
  • Superhero Bookend
  • Love Seat Chair Love Seat Chair
  • Barque Platter Barque Platter
  • Open Book Cabinet Open Book Cabinet
  • Red Trays (Set Of 3) Red Trays (Set Of 3)
  • Hour - Glass Mirror
  • Flower Coasters (Set Of 6)
  • Paint Drip Table Paint Drip Table
  • Eccentric Shapes - Table Eccentric Shapes - Table
  • Wall Clocks Wall Clocks
  • Phone Booth Rack Phone Booth Rack
  • Geometric Coasters (Set Of 6) Geometric Coasters (Set Of 6)
  • Giant Wheel Platter
  • Smile Chair Smile Chair
  • Boat Napkin Holder Boat Napkin Holder
  • Hands Cabinet Hands Cabinet
  • Gond Trays (Set Of 3) Gond Trays (Set Of 3)
  • Handles Console Handles Console
  • Gond Coasters (Set Of 6)
  • Rubik's Cube Side Table Rubik's Cube Side Table
  • Snakes And Ladders Table Snakes And Ladders Table
  • Cutlery Cart Cutlery Cart
  • Eleptical Joint Table
  • Elephant Napkin Holder Elephant Napkin Holder
  • Squiggly Cheese Platter
  • Caterpillar Bench Caterpillar Bench
  • Ballerina Napkin Holder
  • Zulu Mirror Cabinet Zulu Mirror Cabinet
  • Tent Tissue Holder Tent Tissue Holder
  • Gond Console Unit Gond Console Unit
  • Deer Tree Trays (Set Of 3) Deer Tree Trays (Set Of 3)
  • Scroll Mirror Scroll Mirror
  • Food Quote Coasters (Set Of 6)
  • Elm Leaf Table
  • Dutch Truffle - Table Dutch Truffle - Table
  • Swan Napkin Holder Swan Napkin Holder
  • Small Wood Platter Small Wood Platter
  • Snowman Spectacle Stand Snowman Spectacle Stand
  • Anchor Platter
  • Elephant Chair Elephant Chair
  • Spectacle Stand Spectacle Stand
  • Signature Square Barrel Bar Signature Square Barrel Bar
  • Blue Trays (Set Of 3) Blue Trays (Set Of 3)
  • Artsy Aboriginal Tv Console Artsy Aboriginal Tv Console
  • Geometric Coasters (Set Of 6) Geometric Coasters (Set Of 6)

Showing 1-48 of 65 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Square Barrel

Square Barrel is founded by husband-wife duo, Pratik and Shikha Barasia. Growing up with formal period furniture around her, Shikha, an interior designer, decided to break the mould by creating furniture that is anything but serious. Pratik, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, USA and a businessman by profession, teamed up with Shikha to complement her design skills with business acumen. Together, they provide the creativity, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of Square.

At Square Barrel, our motto is to create funky furniture that you can use to express yourself. Be it a bold colour combination or an unconventional shape or a stylized art form, each of our products is a conversation piece. Drawing inspiration from tribal to pop to modern art or even everyday items, each piece calls out to you to stop in front of it, explore it, enjoy it, and of course, use it. We also offer the option to customize our products to reflect your taste and preferences so you can make it your very own.

Our concept is art with utility. We want people to engage with our furniture the same way they do with a painting or a sculpture without compromising on the utility aspect.

We have branched into home accessories as well which promise to be conversation pieces due to the element of funk we incorporate in them.


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