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Abhinav Kafare

Mumbai, Maharashtra



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About Abhinav Kafare

Abhinav Kafare is a professionally trained artist but he has not let his education impede his vision in any way. He has developed a doodlesque style of his own. His largely black and white work relies heavily on negative and positive spaces and often incorporates abstract perspective that adds depth to his creation.

Not one to be tied down by convention, his work can be found in the most diverse of places from random walls on the ghats of Benares to advertising campaigns that have won the prestigious Cannes award. We, at Engrave, have collaborated with him and decided to give him a new canvas every week.

What can he do for you?

  • You can get Abhinav to come and paint the wall(s) of your home/office/restaurant or retail establishment.
  • Or you could commission a theme-based art piece to be used in your merchandise - which our team could then mass produce.
  • We are even retailing limited edition signed reprints of his best artwork exclusively on Engrave.


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