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Aerth Naturals

Rudrapur, Uttarakhand



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About Aerth Naturals

"Real Beauty is grown in Nature, not a Laboratory."

And this is what motivated the sister-in-law duo to start a skincare range that focuses on doing good to body and environment.

Inspiration can come in any form. For us it was the arrival of a small baby at home. We realized we relied profoundly on the traditional skin care regime for the baby as directed by the elderly ladies of the house. And in the process we started scorching for products and ingredients that were natural and organic.

This made kitchen our workplace where we started experimenting with few recipes exchanged with our mother & grandmother’s and few that we stumbled upon the Internet. We started making homemade products that were chemical free for the baby and ourselves.

This love that we developed creating these products and more while using them gave rise to the conviction of giving good back to the society. This inspired us to leave behind our fulfilling architectural career and share these products with the community we are part of.

We believe a beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare. We strive to create natural bath and beauty products that will encourage the masses to press ‘reset’ button and shift towards a healthier and natural skin care.


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