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Artisanal Skincare

Noida, Uttar Pradesh



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About Artisanal Skincare

Artisanal Skincare is the brainchild of Shivani and Akanksha. Shivani is a reiki practitioner and yoga teacher, and a lifelong believer that Mother Nature has answers to most things. Akanksha is an award winning wildlife filmmaker with a deep connect with nature and wilderness that only few people have. Our collective belief in the healing power of nature is what gave birth to Artisanal Skincare. To present traditional skincare recipes with a modern twist. We come from India but our sensibilities are of the world.

Each magical mix is derived from our travels, and recipes passed down from our grandmothers. Take that, and our focus on the miracles of nature, and you have Artisanal Skincare. In fact, we are so committed to delivering nothing short of perfection that all our products have been tried and tested on our family and friends before being made commercially available. This also tells you that we do not test on animals.

Free from preservatives, chemicals, and essences, and packaged in recycled plastic, we believe that nature delivers best when used without adulteration. Hence most our products are available in powdered form. This helped us to avoid preservatives, and increase the shelf life of the products. Apart from lasting longer, our products are in powder form for ease of travel and limiting spillage.

Precise instructions on our back label also enable you to use the product accurately, without wastage. And that is the least we could do to contribute towards the environment.


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