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  • Sagar Wooden Nameplate
  • Peacock Nameplate
  • You And Me Plaque
  • Stars - Kids Name Plate
  • Sawaskade Wooden Nameplate
  • Best Wishes Souvenir Plaque
  • Family Wall Decorative
  • Crown Wooden Pin
  • Garg Wooden Nameplate
  • Family Story Plaque
  • Maple - Wall Decor
  • House Nameplate Meenakari (NP111)
  • Devesh And Charu Wooden Nameplate
  • Alohomora Keyholder

    Alohomora Keyholder

    Regular Price: Rs.1,450.00

    Special Price Rs.1,299.00

  • Collect Moments - Plaque
  • Wooden Diary (Single) Wooden Diary (Single)
  • Birthday Wishes Plaque
  • Love - Secret Ingredient Pallet
  • Friend Quote Plaque
  • Lotus Crossword Name Plate
  • Dog Paw Key Holder
  • Wood Quote
  • Brother Plaque
  • Big Heart - Kids Name Plate
  • Prabhakar Wooden Nameplate
  • Huts And Sun Nameplate
  • Pandey Name Plate
  • Color Palette Wooden Pin
  • Mugalel House Wooden Nameplate
  • Crossword Plaque
  • hand painted Themed Letters hand painted Themed Letters
  • Mustache Wooden Pin
  • Travel Theme Wooden Nameplate
  • Minion Keyholder
  • All We Need - Plaque
  • Kids Name Tag (NP115)
  • Srashti House Couple Wooden Nameplate
  • Tomar - Scrabble Nameplate
  • Tulips Name Plate

    Tulips Name Plate

    Regular Price: Rs.5,500.00

    Special Price Rs.5,200.00

  • Color Family Plaque
  • Huts Souvenir Plaque (Set Of 2)
  • Ethnic Family Nameplate
  • Music Theme Plaque
  • Hut Name Plate
  • Camera luggage tag
  • Raikwar Wooden Nameplate
  • Crossword Nameplate
  • Painted Spoon (Set Of 5)

Showing 1-48 of 111 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Artycor

Artycor is a platform for handmade and handpainted products with a traditional modern touch. We focus on conserving the authenticity of art that is slowly dying down in the digital age. Each product has a unique touch given by the artist. We craft products for people who appreciate the creative art.

Every grain on those crafted products carries with them a different story to tell. There cannot be any two creations exactly alike. Every product that you get to admire has its own uniqueness. Our artists draw inspirations from your thoughts and unfold the design with their unique skills. Artycor has personalized things like nameplates, wooden plaques, Corporate gifts, Deskplates, lanterns, wooden cards, scrolls, shutters, walls and many more. We have repurposed the space’s décor by painting your thoughts through beautiful murals and have always made it to your favourite places.

“Artycor” means “The ART living within your COR”. We understand your design needs and deliver to the best of our ability.


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