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Auro Candles

Agra, Uttar Pradesh



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About Auro Candles

Although there is nothing as romantic as candle light , it is often disappointing that candles cannot look better when unlit ... And then came Auro candle - with what can only be described as Candle Fine Art. Luxurious on the eyes, lit or unlit. Our aim is to spread the word that luxurious products rooted in the art of traditional handicrafts can be natural and eco-friendly, but still remain indulgently sophisticated.

The Auro studio is a sensory mix of raw natural wax, the sweet scent of fragrance, rolls of cotton wicks, original molds, busy hands, a rich palette of colors and textures and above all the gentle warm air. Each candle is lovingly made to order, hand poured and finished. From our studio to your home, we pride ourselves on the care and effort that goes into making each candle.We invite you to indulge yourself a little every day, in the affordable luxury of candle light. So go ahead and light them up!


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