5 green ideas to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

God is earth-friendly. It’s only fair that we celebrate a festival dedicated to one of India’s most convivial gods in an earth-friendly way. Here are five green ideas to consider this Ganesh Chaturthi.

God is earth-friendly. It’s only fair that we celebrate a festival dedicated to one of India’s most convivial deities in an earth-friendly way. Here are five bright ideas to help you get there this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Eco-friendly Ganesh idols
Virtually every river in India is terribly polluted. And so are the shores of our seas. Lord Ganesh would never want to be a part of this problem. He’d like to help us solve it. This offering by Vrushali’s ART is one way to go.


Community celebrations

Instead of having individual idols in separate homes, work with your community and find creative ways to celebrate this festival together. Opt for idols made of cow dung, which can be immersed in lakes or artificial tanks and used to provide manure for gardens, playgrounds and fields. Alternately, create idols that fish can eat. These are fashioned from clay and stuffed with fish-friendly foods like wheat, spinach, corn and vegetable powder. Your Ganesha idol can be karmically right in more than one way. Speaking of which, you may also wish to bring home an idol so beautiful that you don’t want to ever immerse it! Like this one by HIIH.

Water-friendly immersions

You can also hold an immersion at home for your eco-friendly Ganesh in a bucket of water. Another option can be an artificial immersion tank for community immersions. The water can be reused for plants and trees in your locality.


Save Energy

Switch on decorative lights during the “aarti” or “pooja” and evenings only when necessary. Replace traditional bulbs such as incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL).Use energy efficient CFL tubes instead of bulbs to save electricity. Coloured papers can also be wrapped on bulbs to give more colours rather than buying expensive bulbs. And while you’re trying to save energy, here is something radiant from The Brighter side you may wish to consider.


Natural colors for Rangoli

Use natural biodegradable colours such as turmeric, henna, mehendi, rice powder, and gulaal to create rangolis. Such colours do not pose a threat to human health and do not affect the environment either.


Awareness on Green Ganesh or Eco-friendly Ganesh

Understand the concept of the Ganesh festival in its true sense and its effects on Mother Nature. Spread awareness about it. Recognise and celebrate communities that promote eco-friendly ways to celebrate the festival – this will encourage others to do the same. All this will please the gentle Lord no end. And so will this exquisite creation by Unravel India.

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