6 Bold Decor Trends For You This Summer

Go bold this summer with these dashing decor trends that will heat up the style quotient of your home.

To be yourself is about listening to what appeals to you. And doing those very things. In decor, rather than following trends, being bold is about bringing your own sensibility to your choices. This is what this blog is all about. Welcome to the fine art of listening to your calling when it comes to decor. Whether you’re looking to spruce up one corner of your space or completely revamp your home, what sort of statement will you make? Here are six striking directions you can take.


Simple, yet striking. Universal, yet unique. Infused with imagination and creativity, this Leashed Triangle Cushion Cover by Sadyaska is an open-minded journey into the geometric heart of original design. You are invited to discover it in greater detail. 



Retro and nostalgia are enduring themes. They can be personalised in many ways. You can add your own touches to this design direction. And make your home like no other. For explorations into this form of decor drama, check out the Rose Motif Paint Stencil by WallDesign.  




Tie-dye is a very personal way to express yourself. It is about individuality. It about being different. It has a artistic and creative philosophy at its core. It’s for people who won’t follow the crowd and possess an artistic temperament. This cushion cover by Ek Taara is an example of what we mean. 



Art Deco is a pastiche of many different styles united by a desire to be modern. Art Deco was influenced by the bold geometric forms of Cubism. It featured rare and expensive materials, such as ebony and ivory, and exquisite craftsmanship. The Blue Bell Mirror by CraftedIndia is a stunning example of it. Look into it.    


Make the natural world a part of your world with a touch of animal accents. For instance, this individualistic work of crafted art by Artisans Rose is one way to explore this design direction. There are more. Discover.     


If you love the feeling that natural landscapes evoke, this offering from Iron Handicrafts will appeal to you for more reasons than one. To infuse your world with visual poetry that resonates most with you, explore this frontier.  

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