7 festive offerings for your home

There are some very special festivals coming up. Here are 7 colourful and striking ways to ready yourself and your home for the celebrations.

Festivals are fun. And India is the land of many festivals. Preparing yourself and your home for these festivals should be fun too. Some major festivals and pujas are just around the corner. Keeping this in mind, here are 7 ways to get into the spirit of the season.  

GANESHA IN TERRACOTTA:  This handmade Ganesha and his mouse by Unravel India celebrates the fine art of terracotta and retains the piety of one of India’s most popular Hindu gods. Bring it home to make your surroundings more attractive.

PUJA THALI: Worship is an integral part of most Indian festivals. It deserves elements that are made with tender loving care. And that’s where this beautiful offering by Color Crave makes its mark. You are invited to take a closer look at it. 

TILAK CHOPRA: Another pooja item by Color Crave that is gorgeous and deserves pride of place in your prayer and festival spaces is this Tilak Chopra. It is made by hand and exquisitely carved. See what we mean. 

HUT LONG: This handcrafted product by Color Crave is made out of wood, ceramic, clay, colours, and Kundan. It will add colour and distinctiveness to your religious spaces at home or anywhere else. Discover.  

FLOOR RANGOLI: Make festival and wedding ceremonies come alive with joy and colour with this decorative offering by Color Crave.   

PEACOCK DIYA: This unique and beautiful diya by Shubha’s Art will throw light on your festival celebration in many radiant ways. If festival celebrations matter to you and your family, you definitely want to have a closer look at it.


BANDERWALL: Elevate your welcomes and make them more festive for the coming celebrations with this Banderwall by Color Crave. Here’s where and how you can open your doors to it. Welcome.  

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