Baker’s Delight: 9 Essentials For Budding Bakers

Whether you bake as a hobby or as a business, these products are a must have.

Former Great British Bake-off winner John Whaite has been known to say that baking helps lift his depression, as it’s a way of channelling all the negative energy into creating something positive.

In recent years both mental health and culinary experts have come round to the idea that baking could very well be helpful in relieving the symptoms of anxiety and depression by combining the physical and projection aspects of the traditional occupational therapies. Kneading a batch of bread dough for 10/15 minutes will sure take away a lot of frustration and negative feeling, the weighing of the ingredients, the repetitive motions, and the feeling of being in control could help keep calm and level up unruly anxiety feelings, decorating a cake, making beautiful artistic creations can mirror the feelings of projection people might experience when painting or writing.

Plus let’s not forget that at the end we get to indulge in some great home bakes which would definitely put a smile on anyone’s face and share our creations with family and friends reclaiming those great positive feelings of nurturing and making someone else happy.

And those are just a few of the reasons you might enjoy this blog for the baker in you. So let’s get baking.


The icing on the icing on your cake is this adorable elephant topper from Party Objects.

Elephant Cake Topper by Party Objects

Get Cake Toppers here.


A crucial ingredient in a great chocolate cake is this sophisticated offering from Indah. Discover the world of fine cocoa.

Cocoa Powder by Indah Chocolate

Cocoa Powder by Indah Chocolate

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Add a touch of convenience, class, and élan to those scrumptious cakes, pies, and savoury nibbles with this charming cake plate by élan.

élan Scallop Cake Stand

Scallop Cake Stand by élan

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If you love baking, this piece of kitchen couture by Hippiness shows you how to look the part.

Bake A Holic - Apron by Hippieness

Bake A Holic – Apron by Hippieness

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Taking notes, remembering short cuts, keeping tabs, collecting tips, creating recipes…all these are part and parcel of becoming a better baker. This offering from Chronicle Kraft helps you do all the fore mentioned things better.

Personalised A5 Recipe Journal

Personalised A5 Recipe Journal by Chronicle Kraft

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A cool way to add taste to your baking life is this utility and convenience from The Art People.

Bakers Gonna Bake - Tote Bag

Bakers Gonna Bake – Tote Bag by The Art People

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Inspiration is an integral part of baking. KakshyaaChitra Wall Decals shows you a thought-provoking way to stick with the fine art of baking. Get inspired.

Home Is Where The Cake Is Wall Decal

Home Is Where The Cake Is Wall Decal by KakshyaaChitra Wall Decals

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When it gets too hot to handle, get a better handle on it with this pair of graphically bright ideas from Random in Tandem.

Icook Oven Mittens

Icook Oven Mittens by Random in Tandem

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When you want to store your best recipes for good, this offering from Design Maison shows you how to pen down your favourites for keeps.

Recipe Cards (Set of 10) by Design Maison

Recipe Cards (Set of 10) by Design Maison

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