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Bebe Burp is an organic handcrafted food company based out of Surat whose products are made with tender love and care for toddlers and adults.

Bebe Burp is an organic handcrafted food company based out of Surat. Their products are made with tender love and care for toddlers and adults. Bebe Burp believes in the benefits that organic foods deliver to people and Mother Earth. Despite the ongoing debate over whether organic foods are really as good as they claim to be, Bebe burp is very clear about the fact that when it comes to foods for very young people, simpler is indubitably the better way to go. We concur and believe it’s a good idea that you make a little time to get to know the bright folks behind this brand with a conscience better. Welcome.

How many members make up your team?

We are a young and hungry three-member team, Aman Tibrewal (25), Shruti Tibrewal (30), and Chirag Gupta (23)

What were you doing before you started doing this?

Aman Tibrewal, after completing an MBA in real estate and urban infrastructure, was working as real estate values, consultant, and government advisor with HDFC limited in Mumbai. Shruti Tibrewal, an MBA in finance, worked with the Future group in Surat. And Chirag Gupta, a graduate with a degree in import and export, was working as an importer and exporter in Mumbai.

Why did you choose to do what you do?

We understand the struggles that young parents experience day in and day out in their search for good food for infants that is age appropriate, nutritious, and tasty. Our mission is to help these parents get this seemingly impossible combination right.

We are fascinated by names. What’s the story behind your brand name?

‘Bebe’ is the universal word for baby. And ‘Burp’ refers to the contented and cute sounds that babies make after they have been fed our products, which are satisfying, tasty, and healthy. In fact, our tagline – Health with every spoon – expresses, in a nutshell, the message our name wishes to send out to young parents.

Which are your best-selling products?  

Instant Khichdi mix

Oatmeal mix

Ragi cookies

Whole wheat cookies

Healthy Bite

What kind of people do you create your products for? 

BB is primarily for babies. That said, we are also reaching out to folks in any age group seeking healthy and organic food.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals? 

Despite years of sincere efforts, the main problem in this space remains the fact that many people still don’t know what exactly is organic food, what are its benefits, and the fact that healthy and organic can also mean very tasty. This is the message we’re working hard to send out.

Where do you see your brand three years from now?

Much like babies, we like to take little steps. Little by little we want to become a major brand of baby food over the next three years, retain the ethical soul of our vision and make life easier and stress for young parents and babies.  

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

The thought of not doing this makes us shudder because we’d still be stuck in some cubicle analyzing something unfulfilling for somebody else. We thank our lucky stars that we mustered up the courage to follow our heart and start BB. Thank you so much for reading our story.

Visit the Bebe Burp Shop on Engrave.

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