Amazing Animal Accents: Fauna Inspired Decor

Living spaces are coming alive with accents that place fauna centre stage. These range from traditional dhokra tortoises to iron painted roosters. Step in to learn more.

Flamboyance is a part of personal style in decor and fashion wear. Exotic animal prints are very much in step with the art of looking au courant. This is how it has always been. But some things about this trend are changing. And in this blog, we bring the most prominent of these to you. Get ready.

For instance, this year, stripes are in. Then, traditional patterns are being given a makeover in unexpected hues and shades. Living spaces are coming alive with accents that place fauna centre stage. These range from traditional dhokra tortoises to iron painted roosters.

Put wildly, the animal planet is coming home in more ways than one. This is your opportunity to express yourself with dadaist vibes in animal patterns and styles that range from creative illustrations to hand-molded bidriware. Welcome.


Bidri is one of the great arts and handicrafts of India. It was brought to the country by Persian artists in the 14th and 15th century. It is a traditional art that has carved a place for itself in modern homes with taste. Invite yourself to a closer look at this glittering and intricate offering by Bidriwala. 



When metal meets paint meets imagination meets skill meets rustic charm, you get this coop of feathered friends that is eye-catching, lovable, and creative. Get to know this pair by Woavin Studio.    


This is one cat call from Delhi that will be welcomed by many. It is beautiful. It is unique. It is extraordinary. And it makes for a wonderful piece of interior decor. Say hello to the wonderfully-named Dilli Billi by Urban Pattang. 



Tortoises are intriguing creatures. They make for ruminative works of observation and art. This pair by Olha-O expresses these qualities and the beauty of Dhokra bell metal work handsomely. It is a fine example of the brilliance of this ancient art form. Get acquainted.    



Meet this fantastic piggy. He is sharply dressed and goes well with words. In fact, he is part of a most unusual approach to marrying words and pop art that Unabridged Dictionary Art has been exploring with distinction for some time now. Introduce yourself to their story. 



A tiger rendered well is a thing of great beauty. It is also a divine joy to behold. In fact, so awe-inspiring is the tiger, you can’t help but gaze in wonder at virtually any form of it. And these are only some of the reasons this Graphite Pencil Portrait by Shivam’s Creative Studio will speak to you. More. 


A clock has a face. A face that’s interesting to look at is attractive. A clock that draws you to its face is most welcome. This leonine offering by Engrave is an arresting example of what we mean. This is no face in the crowd.        

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