Meet the Maker: Anindita Sengupta

Artist Anindita Sengupta - a daydreamer, passionate, emotional, loves colour, travel and a foodie talks to us about her watercolour paintings.

“I paint to breathe life into my dreams in the hope that I will connect with all the day-dreamers, romantics, art enthusiasts and kindred spirits out there.

I paint wherever my imagination receives a boost; it could be by the beach, in the middle of a forest, in the hills or simply at home.” – Anindita Sengupta

How would you describe yourself in less than 10 words?

A daydreamer, passionate, emotional, love colour, travel and a foodie!

What is your preferred medium to paint in and why? 

Water colours are my first love because of their fluidity and dreamy quality…I love the monsoons and felt ht water colours do absolute justice to the beautiful season. Having said that, I also love acrylics because of the vibrant energy with which they fill each painting.

When did you start painting?

When I was about 7 or 8 years old. My aunt, the late Ms. Geeta Sen , an artist herself  introduced me to the magical world of colours, sketching and drawing. Never looked back since then.

What do you remember most vividly about your childhood?

My summer vacations as a kid in Kolkata…eating mangoes, reading comics and storybooks all through the afternoon.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals? 

To connect with or build relationship with galleries is tough especially when you are largely self-taught. But the good thing is that digital platforms are slowly changing the equation democratizing the whole process.

Where do you see yourself three years from now?

Painting, painting, and more painting

Anindita’s top 5?

To choose 5 favourite pieces is a near impossible task because every piece stems from an idea that you love or feel inspired by. But, to answer your difficult question, putting down my thoughts on five of the recent pieces I have painted:

Girl in the Forest – is absolutely one of my favourite pieces as it speaks of freedom, liberation and a choice of life for the ‘girl/woman’. In the painting, the girl chooses to move away from the concrete jungle of the city and live deep inside the forest, one with nature and free from all constraints that society or relationships may impose. Nature is her life force and her song. She embraces Nature whole heartedly just as much as Nature embraces her and lets her live exactly how she wants to without any suffocating strapping. She roams without fear as Nature lets her breathe free and easy. The idea of the painting was also inspired by ‘Forest Bathing’ known as Shinrin-Yoku in Japan, wherein one takes a walk through a deep and luscious forest soaking in the organic energy even as it cleanses the mind and soul, rejuvenates, restores and is considered to be therapeutic.

Turbulent Night – was inspired by the sheer beauty of the Orissa monsoons. We were vacationing in Puri during the rains and the energy of the thunderous skies above and the raging sea below on the Chandrabhaga beach left me awestruck with its turbulent beauty. The clouds roared and the waves crashed till there was a blinding downpour and the sky and sea seemed one.

Waiting to sail – Was inspired by this red and blue boat while on a shoot in Madh Island. Clearly she had been discarded by the owners, yet the vibe from an inanimate object caught me by surprise. It was almost as if the boat had immense confidence and infinite hope that she would sail and was just waiting for the right moment to arrive.

Waiting by the pavement – in the age of Ola and Uber and constantly evolving technology, this young rickshaw puller inspired me to paint this piece. He was waiting patiently by a pavement in Ballygunge, in one of my favourite cities i.e. Kolkata, for a passenger to come by while fast paced cabs raced him by. There was a gravity and pathos in his stand against a new world order and changing face of the city. But guess what? He found a passenger soon enough!

The Imagine Tree -The ‘Imagine Tree’ is truly one of my personal favourites. The painting depicts the mind and in it, the co-existence of the normal, the daily and the routine (depicted through the green leaves) and  along with the burst of quirky ideas, desires, dreams and the vibrant thoughts that rescues us from the banal and the ordinary (depicted through the coloured leaves.)

Finally, what would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

Definitely something creative but rest assured whatever I’d be doing, I would still find my way back to painting….it’s like ‘coming home’.

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