Meet the Maker: Ankit Sharma & Rohit Khandelwal – Blue Décor

Started by two friends, Ankit Sharma and Rohit Khandelwal, Blue Décor is all about introducing the world to the beauty of pottery in the various shades of blue.

Blue Décor is all about introducing the world to the beauty of pottery in the various shades of blue. Located in the pink city, Jaipur, Blue Décor was started by two friends, Ankit Sharma (25) and Rohit Khandelwal (25).

Before starting Blue Décor, Ankit was working at ICICI Bank and Rohit was helping run the family business. Always attracted to blue pottery, the friends consider it one of the most beautiful of art forms that are unfortunately not getting the exposure it should. In fact, it is a dying art form.

Not willing to watch something they cared so deeply about to die out, Ankit and Rohit started Blue Décor with the objective of reviving and restoring it to the glory days it once enjoyed. We spoke to the makers in order to get to know them and their passion better. Welcome to their world.  

Why the name Blue Décor?

Blue colour, we believe, always fascinates people. This is one of the reasons we chose the word blue to be a part of the name. The other is the fact that it was our stated purpose to create a brand that is exclusively about blue pottery.

Which are your best sellers?

Many of our products compete for the tag of best seller. But when push comes to shove, it’s our range of bathroom accessories that inch ahead of the rest.

Who are your products for?

Broadly speaking, Blue Décor is for people with a taste for fine art and cultural heritage. Put differently, our products will appeal to people that admire the fine art of creativity. Put simply, our aim is to reach the people who admire and understand Art.

What are some of the challenges you grapple with?

The fact that it’s a dying art means the hardest challenge we have to overcome is the scarcity of artists. What we really need is more young people taking up this art so that it doesn’t become extinct. Blue Décor is a small and caring step in this direction.

Where do you see Blue Décor in three years from now?

In a nutshell, we hope it will be a thriving and vibrant part of a world of blue pottery that is alive and kicking and growing. We hope Blue Décor will be known enough to be seen as a brand that provides a one-stop offering for a range of pottery needs.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

We have an appetite for art and good food. So if we weren’t doing Blue Décor, we’d probably be running a café.

Visit the Blue Decor Shop on Engrave.

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