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One of our most lovable makers, Mug Aur Mooch came into being on November 8, 2015, at Kitsch Mandi (a creative flea market) and went online on June 24, 2016. Let’s get to know them better.

One of our most lovable makers, Mug Aur Mooch came into being on November 8, 2015 at Kitsch Mandi (a creative flea market) and went online on June 24, 2016. Let’s get to know them better.

Mug Aur Mooch is Anushri and Akshay. Anushri and Akshay are married to each other, and to Mug Aur Mooch!

Anushri is a corporate lawyer-turned-product-designer. After spending some years as a lawyer, she decided she wanted to do something more interesting. So she went and did a post-graduate degree in craft and design from the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD), specializing in craft with materials like paper, stone, metal, wood, leather, and clay, to name a few.

Akshay & Anushri at Kitsch Mandi

Anushri has explored various craft techniques and worked with many media. A keen eye for detail is one of Anushri’s great strengths. She adores creating things with her hands and says she has enjoyed the experience of doing so since she was 6!

Akshay on the other hand is an IITian-turned-storyteller with a ready tale for virtually anything in life. He is an inveterate wit and is blessed with a great sense of humour, which is visible in his writing and in the ideas he infuses Mug Aur Mooch with.

Together Anushri and Akshay bring an eclectic basket of thoughts to life at Mug Aur Mooch. They draw inspiration from the long walks they take along the streets and parks in and around Koramangala, Bangalore. The green gardens and beautiful architecture keeps their creative juices flowing.

‘We love the leaves and their bright colours and we admire how each house presents its own character. That’s why we feel that our products are actually, ‘Designed in Koramangala’, says Anushri.

They also find the composition of elements and the brilliant use of colours in the works of Paper artist Yulia Brodskaya and the functional structures of Pop-up Designer Peter Dahmen very stimulating.

In addition, Anushri is motivated by the unconventional ideas Akshay comes up with and Akshay feels the same way about Anushri’s flair for visualisation and dogged determination to execute with a keen eye for great design. In short, they derive a ton of joy every time they create something new together.

Mug Aur What Aur Where?

In a quest to create products that bring a fresh design perspective to traditional crafts, Anushri and Akshay came up with the brand name ‘Mug aur Mooch’. The Mooch represents royal pride in our crafts and the Mug represents the reinvigorating freshness of inspiring design.

All their products are designed in Koramangala (Bangalore) in their home studio. Production is carried out at the houses of a team of enterprising women of Koramangala Village that Anushri and Akshay work with.

Women at Work: Master craftsperson Supriya (Left), Sheela Aunty & Radhiga (Top Right), Sheela Aunty & Anushri (Bottom Right)

Challenges and the road ahead

The biggest challenge Mug Aur Mooch faces is to make innovative products using material and techniques like thread embroideries on paper and a range of designs in a way that inspires everyone who uses a Mug Aur Mooch product to be creative.

Also, and this is something they work very hard on, even though all Mug Aur Mooch products are handmade, Anushri, Akshay, and their team ensure every item they produced is imbued with the finest craftsmanship and a thoroughly professional look.

Finally, we asked Anushri where she saw Mug Aur Mooch three years from now. Here’s what she had to say, “We definitely see a global presence for Mug Aur Mooch and as a known name in Creative Handmade Stationery. We want to launch a wide range of creative and innovative products. And we plan to have physical stores that inspire everyone to be creative.”

Way to go, Mug Aur Mooch! We wish you well on your creative journey and look forward to being an integral part.

Visit the Mug Aur Mooch Shop on Engrave.

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