11 decorative plates that talk art

11 decorative plates that make a bold impact and offer a defining contribution to a room’s interior design.

Few people think about decorative plates, but these daring dishes can make a bold impact and offer a defining contribution to a room’s interior design.

The aesthetic appeal of decorative plates inspires a couple of well-warranted questions: “How did something normally so utilitarian come to be used as décor?” and “What types of decorative plates are out there?”

To the first question – while plates were in use for a long time before they were thought of as art, they gained traction as an ornamental addition sometime in the 14th century when merchants first brought porcelain to Europe from China.

These delicate dishes became popular collectibles among European nobility for their novelty, rarity and beauty. And, once they came to be appreciated as art, an increasing number of plates were created for the express purpose of decoration.

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Today, there are a few types of decorative plates to choose from – they may have a specific or general purpose, and can take any number of shapes.

One of the most functional designs is the charger plate. Chargers are the oversized decorative plates placed beneath dinner plates to add a pop of colour or texture. They’re usually flat and broad, so they can provide a stable foundation for other dishes.

Charger plates can be great accents for any formal meal and come in a huge range of designs so you can perfectly customize the look of your table setting.

Other plates are designed as vessels to hold decorative objects or fruit. These may be a bit curved up on the edges, almost bordering on platter or bowl shapes.


Of course, some decorative plates are purely for display. They come in as many varieties as you can imagine, and range in style that include meticulously hand-painted designs and elaborate art-glass collectibles. Masterpieces such as these are frequently mounted on walls or placed on stands to best display them.

While decorative plates might not be the perfect fit for every space, they are expressive, dimensional art pieces that can help personalize a home in a beautiful way.

So, the next time you’re searching for the perfect accent for a table or empty wall, don’t limit yourself to traditional runners or canvasses – explore your options by taking a closer look at these and other decorative plates we have in store for you.


Consider this offering by Aria Arts that’s hand painted on porcelain with lustres and 24-carat liquid gold.


This stunningly beautiful art form of Turkey is a brilliant combination of ingenuity and artistry. It displays a striking balance of colour and rhythm in geometric patterns and is brought to you by Kolorobia.


The Om symbol adds a touch of spirituality in this beautiful decorative plate made from copper and brass, and inlaid using turquoise, coral and lapis stones. Named after the Buddhist word for giving, the Jiho La by Tibet Point is worth a closer look.



A circular papier-mache wall hanging piece with hand printed Pattachitra design of Ganesh, check out this offering from the traditional world of Odisha painting.


A colourful and intricate look at one of the favourite gods in the Indian pantheon is this offering of painting on porcelain from Aria Arts.


Crimson Bloom and Floral Dreams for you on a set of gorgeous and striking plates from the creative house of Cyahi Design.


Brought to you by Bottle Green Gallery, hand-painted Wall Plates in which is unique and designed to make the space it graces come alive with taste.



The combination of the Tibetan mantra on the outside and the eight auspicious symbols in the centre adds a touch of mystery and spirituality to this beautiful decorative plate made from copper and brass.


For décor that is pretty as a peacock and eye-catching in more colours than one, cock your eye in the direction of this beauty from Aria Arts.


Bring home this dazzling Warli Art Decorative Plate from the house of Kolorobia and add a touch of classy art to your world. http://engrave.in/home-living/wall-decor/decorative-plates/rustic-warli-decorative-plate


Almost 100 flowers hand painted on finest porcelain, and a border of 24 carat liquid gold, this bouquet of art on a plate from Aria Arts is resplendent to say the least. Here’s more.

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