Behind The Scenes: 3D Printing at MakeWhale

MakeWhale offers a range of products and gifting options in a variety of 3D printed materials. Siddharth Sah, MakeWhale's founder, gives us a sneak peek in to a typical day of work at his 3D printing and designing studio.

MakeWhale offers a range of products and gifting options in a variety of 3D printed materials. Each product starts off with the customer telling us what they are looking for. It could be anything from a very specific requirement to an extremely vague idea. For instance, someone might want a pink colored bookmark with a specific symbol or a personal message or even their name on it. Someone else might not know what particular product they want, just that they need a gift for a certain person for a given occasion.

For each such product description there are several design possibilities, so the first thing we do is have a chat with the customer over phone or email. Very often, the customer is looking for a personalised product to gift someone else. Talking to the customer helps us to get an understanding of the person receiving the gift, and this gives us direction to decide on a product and design it accordingly.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Once we have some clarity on the design brief, our team gets together to brainstorm on the possible design directions.

Step 2: Sketching

After exploring various ideas in the form of sketches, a few shortlisted options are sent to the customer.

Step 3: 3D Modelling

Once the customer decides on which direction to proceed in, the selected design is developed in a 3D modelling software on the computer. The final images of these are again shared with the customer before we proceed to manufacture it.

Step 4: 3D Printing

The last step is to actually 3D print the product. The product is printed layer by layer in the chosen material to form a 3-dimensional object.

Buy the Personalised Sweetheart Bookmark shown in the video above.

Buy the Lovestruck Emoji Keychain shown in the video above.

Visit the MakeWhale shop on Engrave.

Siddharth Sah


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