Explore The Benefits of Copper

Explore the multiple health benefits from just a tiny daily dose of copper and you'll go back to the using copper utensils like our ancestors did.

Our ancestors used copper to keep water fresh. They believed storing water in copper vessels kept it clean and safe, using copper vessels to cook food would reduce the spread of diseases. This is true because the antimicrobial properties of copper help fight infection. In other words, not all old wives’ tales are a myth.

Copper is considered an essential mineral for our body. Kalash – a water jug is the most common vessel made of copper. Ayurveda recommends storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking it first thing in the morning. Drinking water that has been stored for 8 hours in copper vessels is good for health because the minerals contained in copper help maintain the body’s pH balance. Copper is needed in the body to produce antioxidants, create new red blood cells, and maintain your immune system.

Did You Know?

Water when stored in copper vessels never turns stale. Drinking water twice or thrice a day from a copper vessel is more than enough to reap its benefits.

Some of the health benefits that can be harnessed from copper are that it regulates the working of the Thyroid gland, beats arthritis and inflamed joints, enhances bone density, protects against heart diseases, fights cancer, and improves blood circulation.

Why you should get your daily dose of Copper.

  • Ensures Proper Growth.

Copper is essential for sustainable development of the body. It helps in the growth of the organs and tissues by oxygenating the system and creating ample red blood cells that are essential building blocks of life. Overall, it keeps the body healthy. Put simply, copper minerals are a vital component of a balanced diet.

  • Strengthens the Digestive System.

The inability to digest certain foods is a common ailment. The properties in copper kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation within the stomach. This helps to cleanse and detoxify your stomach.

  • Anti – Aging Properties.

Copper is the natural way to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It has strong antioxidants that fight off free radicals which cause premature aging. Copper helps in the production of new and healthy skin cells that replace old dying ones. It is also the main component in melanin – melanin keeps the body safe from sun damage, speeds up the healing process in wounds, and reduces scars.

  • Haircare

Copper contains vital minerals that nourish the hair. It contains nutrients such as biotin, iron, and Vitamin C, which are good for the hair. Copper also contains protein peptides that help the healing of any wounds in the scalp and enlarge hair follicles.

Copper is a mineral that you need very little to get big benefits from. It is important to take the right amount of copper to maintain a healthy balance. 12 mg/day is more than sufficient for the body to use without causing any harm.

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