The Best Merch For The Ultimate Star Wars Nerd

It is the Fourth Of May, after all — are you really surprised?

In the pantheon of famous movies, Star Wars, most certainly, holds number one cult status. Four decades after its first movie came out and blew the minds of people worldwide, Star Wars is coming back in a huge way, taking a hoard of new fans under its wing while it does so.

And whether you’re a fan who’s young or old, you cannot deny that Star Wars themed merch is loved by everyone. I mean, spot a guy with a shirt that says, “No, Luke, I am your father!” and you’re bound to point and exchange a nod!

So, if you’re a Star Wars fanatic too, we ask you to sith back and get ready for a ride as we traverse great lengths into a galaxy that isn’t far, far away from our hearts at all. Presenting, some of the best march, decor products, and much more that’s been tailor-made and handpicked for the ultimate Star Wars nerd inside you.

And of course, if you think you’ll just window-shop through the list and not actually buy anything, then well, may the fourth be with you!

1. Darth Vader Cake Topper

As a star wars fan, the only thing better than a Star Wars cake is to enhance its appearance with this Darth Vader Cake Topper.

The frugal amongst you, though, might be pleased to know that much like the plot of the recent Star Wars movies these days, the cake topper can be washed and reused, year after year.


2. Yoda Photo Frame

If in a dark place you find yourself, and a need a little more knowledge to light your way, here’s one of Yoda’s most iconic phrases that deserves its own place on your wall to help you with just that, everyday.


3. Darth Vader Lumbernote

As one of the most memorable villains in the galaxy, Darth Vader’s mask is probably one of the most easily recognisable objects — and looks pretty neat on home decor items as well.

4. Star Wars Wall Accent

While picking Star Wars themed decor, it’s important to not settle for anything other than the very best — much like this gorgeous wall accent. For in Yoda’s own words, “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”

5. Star Wars Fridge Magnets

Be it the pesky stormtroopers or the ultimate villain in Vader himself, this set of five Star Wars themed fridge magnets will definitely pull you and everyone in your house closer to the dark side!

6. Darth Vader T-Shirt

With Star Wars Episode IX all set to release next year, would you even dream of going to the theatre without donning some Star Wars merch?

7. Calm You Keep – Yoda Digital Painting

Yoda once famously quipped, “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not,” but boy oh boy does he look great or what in this Calm You Keep: Yoda Digital Painting. A digital art print with minimalism, abstraction and psychedelic inspirations using bold strokes, the painting is truly stunning.

And in the words of Yoda himself, to the talented artist we implore, “Always pass on what you have learned!”


May the fourth be with you!!

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