Meet the Maker: Bharti Rana – Happy Pebbles

Happy Pebbles creates art with pebbles and imagination. Get to know this cute and lovable brand better.

We asked Bharti Rana, the vivacious and hardworking founder of Happy Pebbles, to share her story with us. To begin with, here’s what she said, “It was a wonderful experience to answer your questions.They took me down memory lane and reminded me of the days of inception of my brand.”

What else did Bharti have to say about Happy Pebbles? Briefly, to paraphrase her words, Happy Pebbles is eco-friendly, expressive, perseverance, compassionate, authentic, reliable, planet-positve, ambitious, thoughtful, and loving. It is based out of Faridabad. But there’s more.


To help you get to know our Makers better, as part of our long running Meet the Maker series of conversations, we encouraged Bharti to tell us more. Her story makes for interesting reading. We invite you to the conversation.

How many (if more than one) members make up your team? 

Right now, Happy Pebbles is just happy me.


What were you doing before you started doing this?

I was giving classes to children on the fine art of turning waste in best!


Why did you choose to do what you do?

Art nourishes my soul. Painting pebbles with personal messages is, according to me, the best way to express an emotion and speak the language of art for, both, the maker and buyer.

We are fascinated by names. What’s the story behind your brand name?

Happy pebbles, cute pebbles, single pebbles, many pebbles, in different shapes and sizes – they lie here and there and everywhere. I pick them up, paint them in bright lovely colors, and turn them into beautiful art pieces. Sometimes, they convey messages of love and affection. Sometimes, they are messages of motivation and inspiration. This way they become a medium of expression, they get a new life, and are reborn as HAPPY PEBBLES. Thus was born the name.


Which are your best selling products?

Undoubtedly, painted pebbles with customized messages are my best sellers. 


What kind of people do you create your products for?

Art lovers, people who are keen to gift with a unique and personal touch, nature lovers who want natural things around them – primarily, these are the people that constitute my audience.

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals?

Touching a large audience in a cost-effective way is my greatest challenge.


Where do you see your brand three years from now?

I hope to reach many people and connect with them with products that are personal and singular.


What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this? 

I love creating. If not this, I would definitely be doing something else equally creative.


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