Bless Your Walls With These Beautiful Paintings Of Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner. Here are seven beautiful artistic ways to celebrate one of India’s favourite deities during a time of the year that’s devoted to him.

Perhaps India’s most popular festival is less than a week away. Our makers have created many wonderful works of art in a variety of materials, each of which is devoted to the deity that this festival welcomes and celebrates every year at this time of the year. Here are seven for your consideration. If you like something you see, we cordially invite you to take this wonderful opportunity to show your love and devotion for one of India’s most-loved deities by welcoming him into your world. And on that short note, here’s to our beloved Bappa!


The fine art of batik is ancient, famed, eye-catching, and distinct. This Ganesha in batik by Color crafts is a wonderful case in point. Frame it, put it up, and admire it for years to come. Come on in for a closer look at this artistic marvel.


An arresting work of art tells a story that can be appreciated at many levels and for many reasons. Consider, for instance, this by Make Over Art. Make it a part of your world and it will catch the eye and touch the soul every time you look at it.


Vivid, striking, bright, unforgettable…these are some of the words of praise that an evocative piece of acrylic art will be showered with. Acquaint yourself with this offering by Neeru Art and you’ll see what we mean.

Speaking of art, imagination, and creativity in acrylic, this by Ek Taara is another example of the beautiful things that acrylic on canvas can bring to you.


Silk is premium. Silk is special. Silk is extraordinary. And this Ganesha on silk by Vkalart embodies it all. Look at it. Isn’t it an elegant way to welcome the lovable Ekadanta?


When something is singular, it’s individual, unique, and a class apart. This take on Lord Ganesha by Artangle is all that and more. Make it a part of your Chaturthi celebration and conversation.


Venkatesh Ellore creates magic with names and (in?) Ganesha. Behold how he turns your family into a sublime elephant-headed god with this amazing take on the elephant-headed god.

Check out our entire collection of Ganesha art here.

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