Timeless Board Game Themed Wall Clocks

Board games are a charming and popular way to come together and pass time. This set of wall clocks is dedicated to the timeless pleasures that board games offer time and again. .

If you put your mind to it, you will discover that there are many engaging ways to pass your time. Board games are one of them. They are stimulating, they are fun, they are eternal, and they make for great companions. If you concur, these wall clocks with faces that are inspired by some of the most popular board games through the ages will be a welcome addition to your home.


Ludo is a game many of us have spent hours playing. It’s a great way to bond and say goodbye to boredom. Inspired by this game of chance and skill is this canvas wall clock. It’s your movie.


Chess-lovers can lose themselves for hours in the intricate world of this most cerebral game. The connection between time and chess is undeniable. The Gambit is a clock face that will bring ‘anand’ to the chess lover. It’s your move.


Monopoly is a game that inculcates an appreciation of time and money early in life. In fond memory of these lessons, we bring you this clock face that draws on the iconic imagery of one of the greatest board games ever invented. It’s your move.


Many words come to mind when you think of the times spent with Scrabble. The challenges, the strategies, the bonds, the fights, and the fond memories are yours for keeps. And so is this clock based on this most popular and thought-provoking board game. It’s your move.



The Twister is a board game that was inducted into the American National Toy Hall of Fame. We now bring it to you in a form that will recall fond memories of it every time you turn to it for the time. It’s your move.


Roulette, one of the most glamorous and eye-catching games in the world, is now also a striking clock-face and an attractive way to tell time. It’s your move.


Hours can go by unnoticed when you’re playing darts. But that won’t happen with this clock face. Coming from one of the world most popular pastimes, here’s an unfailingly noticeable way to tell time.

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