Boutique Indian Footwear Brands That Are Hitting The Big League

Finding the perfect pair of shoes isn’t a doddle — especially in the age of rampant mass production and commercialisation where every second soul you know ends up owning the same pair as you. There are a few Indian brands though, that are doing their bit to maintain the essence of originality and since we believe in spoiling you silly, we’ve compiled a list of the top Boutique Footwear Brands for you to winnow from.

If you’re reading this, we’re sure you love shoes just as much as we do. It is the final element of the perfect appearance, after all — get it wrong and your elaborately planned outfit might just go for a toss. Finding the perfect pair though, isn’t a doddle — especially in the age of rampant mass production and commercialisation where every second soul you know ends up owning the same pair as you. There are a few Indian brands though, that are doing their bit to maintain the essence of originality and since we believe in spoiling you silly, we’ve compiled a list of the top Boutique Footwear Brands for you to winnow from. Be it Brogues, Oxfords, Sneakers, or even your everyday Flip-flops, we’ve got you covered. To avoid any bias, we’ve listed them down in alphabetical order too. So, here we go!

1. Achilles’ Heel

A luxury brand that believes in maintaining a balance between the classical and modern methods of shoemaking, Achilles’ Heel aims to please your exquisite tastes. The handmade shoes aim to celebrate style while focusing on three main aspects of shoemaking — design, comfort, and craftsmanship.

2. AKA Bespoke

Started in 2011 by three friends with distinct styles but a common passion, AKA Bespoke shuns the modern method of mass production and instead chooses to rely on the age-old Indian tradition of ‘karigari’. The shoes are made using only the highest quality raw material by the artisans to create the coveted combination of comfort and style.

3. Banwarey

Banwarey loosely translates to ‘crazy’ and the brand’s crazy passion for footwear reflects in its shoes. The brand takes a different route than usual and allows its customers to be a part of the shoemaking experience rather than focusing on heavy processing, while also weaving a part of the ‘Indian soul’ into every shoe in the process.


Delhi based ‘BASH by Jyothsna’ creates a fantastic variety of shoes for women. Be it espadrilles, stilettos, gladiators, pumps, or even chappals, the brand exquisitely handcrafts them all to perfection to slip your pretty feet into.

5. Blue Button

Blue Button is a chic brand devoted to women’s footwear. Bright colours, coupled with intricate designs and studded embellishments make Blue Buttons perfect for all occasions. Founded in 2013, the brand’s summer collection just hit the market — so be sure to check that out!

6. BluPear

From brogues and oxfords, we move on to something a bit more, well, desi. Based in Delhi, BluPear creates gorgeous ethnic Indian footwear that are handcrafted and available in all sizes.

7. Bowtoes

Basic yet stylish, Bowtoes is another footwear brand that caters exclusively to women. The brand provides a wide range of colours and styles that are customisable to your heart’s content.

8. Chalk Studio

Started in late 2012 by two friends obsessed with footwear, Chalk Studio was set up with the sole purpose of ‘helping the fashionistas find their dream shoe’. The brand’s items are meticulously created so as to minimise flaws in both design and stitching, making it your one-stop-shop for the perfect pair.

9. Chappers India

Based in Pune, Chappers takes inspiration from the Maharanis and Maharajas of the days bygone to create redesigned Indian handcrafted sandals for both men and women. These are crafted by skilled artisans who aren’t afraid to experiment with colours, style, materials, or designs!

10. Cuero

Cuero means leather in Spanish — so you know where this is going. The brand describes its shoes as ‘handcrafted luxury’ and its insistence on selling shoes made from nothing but the best quality leather is a testament to that.

11. Dameriino

Dameriino means ‘a fashionably well dressed man’ and its shoes will definitely complement your fashionable outfits. The brand creates designer dress shoes, brogues, oxfords, derbies, and loafers – all of which are absolutely gorgeous and of the highest quality.

12. Devika-Bharadwaj

An eponymous shoe label, designer Devika Bharadwaj brings forth her love for stylish shoes to the table. The brand creates a range of women’s shoes that are in keeping with the modern trends around the globe that to offer you ‘a touch of local expertise with a taste of global quality’.

13. Dnuvo

Another luxury bespoke brand, Dnuvo offers made-to-order leather shoes. Apart from customisable, personalised, and exclusive, the shoes are of high-quality that will have you coming back for more.

14. Fizzy Goblet

Quirky name, quirkier shoes – Fizzy Goblet is definitely an eccentric’s pick. Handcrafted from graphic leather, their designs come with a ‘contemporary twist’ that will definitely help you stand out.

15. Gush Shoes & Accessories

Gush is another brand that was born out of two friends’ common love for spectacular shoes. Founded in 2013, the brand refuses to succumb to the pressure of mass production and instead choose to focus on the true essence of design to create their amazing range of footwear.

16. Janota Goa

Janota means ‘style’ in Portuguese, and this Goan brand is defying the conventional art of shoemaking. The brand captures the true essence of Goa and its free, lively souls in its soles.

17. Kanabis

One look the brand’s products and the word that comes to mind is ‘innovation’. A maker of women’s footwear, Kanabis doesn’t conform the norms of shoemaking by using a plethora of materials to make its shoes which include wedges, sandals, ballerinas, and more.

18. Kanvas Kloset

Kanvas Kloset is a self-sufficient company run by designer Komal Panchal. The brilliant brand makes every kind of shoes — be it brogues, oxfords, sneakers, and even fancy high heels and kolhapuris!

19. Karmantik

A Delhi based brand, Karmantik offers jobs to the ‘Mochi’ community in a bid to revive the lost art of handmade shoes. The shoes, which are made in limited pieces to offer exclusivity, were initially made solely for women, but ended up becoming a hit with men as well. Their designs now are completely androgynous, which is something this generation really needs.

20. Love Is Mighty

Founded in 2010, Love Is Mighty makes handcrafted shoes for women. Combining ancient artistry and modern design, the brand collaborates with indigenous tribes and artisans to create its stunning range of unique shoes.

21. Mink Footwear

Over half a decade old, Mink Footwear has carved out a niche for itself. The brand’s knack for creativity makes it a massive hit amongst the masses, and the fact that the shoes are inexpensive is just the cherry on the cake.

22. Moda Sanskriti

Moda Sanskriti is the first brand on this list that’s devoted to making juttis. As desi as it gets, the brand’s juttis are customisable, designed intricately, and available in a stunning range of colours.

23. Needledust

Needledust is another creator of snazzy bespoke leather juttis. The brand firmly believes in redesigning and reinventing and aims to make the ‘modern jutti’ which come in bright colours, clean curves, and impeccable finishes.

24. Paaduks

Paaduks is probably one of the most environmentally and morally conscious brand on this list. Not only does the brand create its products from upcycled material, but it also provides the cobbler community with jobs that creates gorgeous eco-friendly footwear.

25. Rohan Arora

Another eponymous label, Rohan Arora creates a stunning range of handcrafted luxury shoes. Conceptualised way back in 2010, the Kolkata based brand aims to bring back the lost art of shoemaking where shoes were made using techniques possible only by the human hand.

26. Runway Rebel

A couple of years old now, Runway Rebel is a brand that displays ‘the fierce urban sense of style’. Made for women, the brand’s shoes help raise your style quotient by constantly trying to redefine fashion and its trends.

27. Shoe Crea

Based in Ahmedabad, Shoe Crea has only one aim — to bring a smile to their clients’ faces. Their shoes, which are custom-made for their clients, are unique, beautiful, and not available easily in the market.

28. Shutiq

Shutiq is a shoe boutique that serves only a sophisticated clientele. With the best of global design and guaranteed exclusivity being its forte, there’s little that can go wrong!

29. Sole’D Shoes

A three-year-old brand, Sole’D shoes aims to deliver what we all crave from shoes — the perfect fusion of comfort and fashion. Their range of gorgeous shoes are always a la mode and please both the eyes and the feet.

30. Sole Threads

While makers of sneakers, oxfords, and brogues might dominate the list, we mustnít forget that flip-flops and slip-ons are important too. Founded in 2012, Sole Threads creates a fantastic range of designer flip-flops that are stylish and always in accordance to the latest trends.

31. Tantrum Shoes

A brand that is half a decade old, Tantrum Shoes are handcrafted and beautiful. Be it lace, feathers, flowers, jewels, or bows, the brand uses everything it finds aesthetically appealing to create a visually stunning pair of shoes.

32. The Shoe factory

The Shoe Factory is a Delhi based brand that creates magical bespoke shoes. Using various raw materials like suede and leather, the brand creates made-to-order shoes that come in both the classic styles as well as those with contemporary twists.

33. The Sole Sisters

The magical story is blogger-turned-designer Chondoma Cariappa is nothing short of inspiring. Her blog, called Sole Sisters, was such a hit that she started her own award-winning label under the same name, which creates beautiful hand-spun shoes in numerous styles.

34. Turquoise Footwear

What started as a small business in an attic in Ahmedabad is a full-fledged footwear label today ó all thanks to the perseverance of one free-spirited 22-year-old. In its seventh year of existence today, the brand creates both designer and customised flats for women that complement almost any outfit.

35. Veruschka

Based in Mumbai, Veruschka creates luxury high-heeled shoes that are also customisable. Helmed by internationally trained shoe sculptor Payal Kothari, the decade old brand creates sexy, affordable pair of heels without compromising on comfort, style, or originality.

36. Vian Label

Vian means “full of life” and the women’s brand leaves no stone unturned in ensuring their handmade shoes reflect that. The brand is a maker of exquisitely beautiful bespoke juttis, flat sandals, wedges, and many more women’s shoes, all of which are thoroughly designed to offer your feet nothing but the best.

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