Bright Colours & Patterns On Framed Art Name Plates

Are you looking for something unique, durable, eye-catching, and inexpensive in name plates. Of course you are! Well, come on in and take look at what the young, creative and talented designer, Lokesha Shroff has in store for you.

What should a good name plate be like? For one, it should be eye-catching. No point having a name plate that people can’t see properly. Then, it should be durable enough to withstand the outdoors and the elements. Also nice is a name plate that’s unique. Finally, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. Considering all this, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to a path-breaking range of canvas name plates that the young and talented designer Lokesha Shroff has put together for you.


The graphic, striking, and ancient art of Warli is given a touch of the contemporary in this original work of name art on name plate in canvas and colour by Lokesha. You are cordially invited to make it a striking part of your welcomes.


Bring the charm and originality of Sanjhi art to your doorstep and dwelling with this offering of name art on name plate in canvas and imagination from the world of Canvarch. Give your name the showcase it deserves.


Enhance your name with a touch of name art that’s unique and creative. Showcase it in a canvas name plate that takes its cues from the eye-catching qualities of world famous truck painting to make a lasting impression or your dwelling.


Fluid and elegant, surround your name with the ancient art of bidri, the velocity of forward movement, and the attraction of bold colours with this beauty. Turn your dwelling into a place not-to-be missed with this name plate in robust canvas that’s digitally-designed to be your companion for years to come.


Fresh and floral, this bidri-inspired illustration name plate is a pleasing way to give your name the showcase it deserves in gratifying colour with a splash of contemporary art. The combination of hardy canvas and eye-catching motif showers your dwelling with a unique welcome and encases your name in a worthy showcase.



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