Carved Crayons – Part 3 – For Pet Owners

Hoang Tran, founder of Wax Nostalgic, not only took his crayons back but also Tran turned them into a canvas. Taking inspiration from pop culture, he hand carves crayons into intricate wax sculptures. Scroll down to see his gallery of personalised work for pet owners.

“Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.”
– Peter Lynch

We know what a big emotional investment a pet is. And crayon sculptor Hoang Tran brings that same degree of tender loving care to this Pet Box of Carved Crayons. What more can a dog lover ask for. Check out how a dog’s life has been transformed into something so beautiful. You can get one made for yourself here.

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Nimish Adani

I am the founder & CEO of Engrave. I started off in 2011 with a workshop that engraved photos for customers on to wooden plaques. Soon, we were making plaques, nameplates, canvas prints, decals and dozens of other products for thousands of customers. To help us make these items, we engaged a group of dedicated craftsmen. By 2015, 3 of our dedicated craftsmen had built their own workshops, employing between 6-10 people. By showcasing their skills on a digital platform, these craftsmen had turned into successful entrepreneurs. This success motivated me to transform Engrave in to a platform which could help thousands of Indian artisans and craftspersons - and this lead to the launch of the maker's market in 2015.


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