A Tribute To The Ruler Of The Internet – Cats

The internet loves cats. And so do people all over the world. Well, for the love of cats and the lovers of cats, come on in and take a look at what our Makers have in store for ailurophiles.

A person who loves cats is called an ailurophile. A cursory look at the internet will tell you that there are many ailurophiles out there. Images and videos of domestic cats make up some of the most viewed content on the web. According to data from Buzzfeed, the most popular cat posts get almost four times the number of clicks that even the most popular posts about dogs attract. Put simply, cats are the “unofficial mascot of the internet. Well, for the love of cats and the lover of cats, come on in and take a look at what our Makers have in store for ailurophiles.


Give yourself something interesting to look at and give your wall some cat wear with this set of cool cats in engineered wood from the arty folk at Hashtag Idea.


Big eyes and big on cuteness are the two things that stand out in this work of graphic art from Ritziness that’s created to add life to any space it inhabits – be it for children or grown-ups.


Artangle cordially invites you to give your beloved laptop a striking facelift with a touch of catty pop art that’s well-designed to make your work and play station the cynosure of all eyes.


Walk the language of cats with this eye-catting offering of distinctive daily wear you’ll love to step into, from the imaginative people at Badhuche.


Word and picture art that’s music to the cat-lover’s ears is this inventive piece of vintage, upcycled, and eco-friendly creativity from the world of Unabridged Dictionary Art.


Music, art, and a humorous helping of the quirky come together in this extraordinary ensemble of workmanship and beauty from the skilled hands and minds at Artlivo.


For stickies to help you remember and a cat magnet you won’t ever forget, look no further than this dual-purpose piece of utility and art from the thoughtful creators at Untame.


If you’re the sort that believes just because it’s a toilet seat it doesn’t have to be boring, you will appreciate this attention-grabbing decal from KakshyaaChitra Wall Decals.

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