9 Handcrafted Toys That Enhance Physical & Cognitive Development

From improved hand eye coordination and gross motor skills to enhanced visual and spatial intelligence, these handcrafted Channapatna toys offer a lot more than just fun for your kids.

It is no secret that the brain of a child is like a sponge. Massive amounts of absorption that results in physical and cognitive development happen during early childhood – before the age of eight. Playing with toys is the first opportunity a child has to explore and interact with the world on their own terms, and through doing this children experience a wide variety of development benefits.

While it may seem that toys are just fun and games, they are also extremely valuable learning tools that will shape your child for years to come. To children, toys are more than just objects: they are companions, teachers, and best friends that help guide them through a big and confusing world.

Finding ways to match differently shaped pieces and performing the physical placement of the block can do wonders for a child’s fine motor skills and cognitive development.

By providing your child with safe and stimulating toys and play opportunities you are giving them the education they need to move through early childhood happy, confident and strong.

The handcrafted Channapatna toys we have in store for you offer many of the fore mentioned benefits we have touched upon. Not only are these toys child-friendly, they are also 100% safe to play with, as they have no lead or chemicals in them. For the sake of our children, let’s get to know them a little better.


Discover how Jippy Joker, a colourful Cup and Ball, and an adorable puppy, all from Maya Organic, can help your child develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.



A tree connects different forms of creation – here is a toy from Aatike that connects concepts of FUN with colours, sizes, and balance, all of which enables the development of visual and spatial intelligence in a child.


Another cutie from Maya Organic, this little Birdie is a colourful wooden rattle which will keep your child absorbed and help in developing sensory skills.



The thoughtful folks at Maya Organic present you with this set of “Sandy Alphabets” that helps children learn through visual and tactile perception of letters. The alphabets are made of fine sand glued on painted hard board material. This product is based on Montessori principles.


The Fabric Box is a product designed to improve the tactile sense of your child. It has eight different types of fabric swatches in pairs. Children have to touch and feel the fabric and then match them with eyes closed by feeling them with their fingers. See more of this offering from Maya Organic and discover how this activity tool helps children greatly improve their tactile sense and make them more aware of the different types of texture.


Another beauty from Maya Organic is this wooden Pyramid Puzzle. It consists of six disks arranged in ascending order to form a tower-like structure. The challenge for the child is to transfer all the six disks from one of the three poles to another while adhering to certain rules, which helps in cognitive development.



You can always count on Aatike to come up with something interesting. Add, subtract, divide, or multiply, this set of enhances the childs familiarity with numbers and makes working on maths fun, fun, and more like fun-athematics!

Check out our entire collection of Channapatna toys here.

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    Hasthakriya Gifts April 10, 2017

    This is a very Informative Blog Avinash.The Channapatna toy industry is fighting to survive the onslaugh of imported toys and a few orgnisations have put an effort to come up with innovative and ecofriendly options in toys which are also very educational and useful for toddlers to develop varied skills.


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