Add A Dash Of Colour To Your Home Decor This Holi!

The festival of colours is here. Speaking of which, here are 7 irresistible ways to brighten up your homes with some colourful decor.

The festival of colour, Holi is here (March 2). Speaking of which, here are some colourful ways to add life to your décor. From kettles to coasters, key holders to clocks, and dream catchers to trays to pots, check out this rainbow coalition of offerings we have in store for you.


From serving tea to serving as an eye-catching piece of interior décor, this cutie from Pyjama Party Studio is a kettle above the ordinary. Check in to see how you can make it yours for years to come. Colour Fix - Limited Edition Kettles

Colour Fix – Limited Edition Kettles by Pyjama Party Studio


Hang your keys on something you’ll never miss, and your keys will never go missing either. This way, please, to discover The Poetry Art Project way of the fine art of key holders.


When hosting friends and family, consider giving the hospitable side of your life a welcome splash of multicolour with this smart, arresting, and unique tray from Exclusive Lane.


Give your interior décor and walls a vivacious facelift with this hues-infused piece of face time from the vivid and varied imaginarium that is Vaishali’s Art-cart. Check in.


A brilliant story of art and tradition told in dramatic shades and earthy terracotta is this handcrafted set of dazzling pots from the inspired world of VarEesha. Open your mind. Red Terracotta Pots (Set Of 2)

Red Terracotta Pots (Set Of 2) by Vareesha


For not just coasters, but tableware that tells stories and makes its presence felt for all the right reasons without saying a word, turn to these vibrant and princely conversation pieces from Kolorobia.


Crochet meets weaving meets tradition meets fine art meets sweet dreams in this striking amalgam of positive feelings from the skilled handiwork of Qraze. Get energized.

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    CHOCOCRAFT Shreya Agarwal March 18, 2018

    Wow! Love love love ALL these oh-so-colourful options! 😀 They look so easy to DIY, especially the kettle, the ring holder and the clock. Just what is needed to brighten up any space and bring a little colour into our lives. 🙂


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