Craft Beer And Crafty Products For The Perfect Oktoberfest Weekend

Mughal mugs, upcycled glasses, drinking games, craft beer and more — a comprehensive list of everything you need to throw a crafty biergarten styled beer bash.

Ask anyone who loves beer about their favourite festival in the world, and the prompt answer you’ll receive is Oktoberfest. Over two centuries old, Oktoberfest is an annual 16 to 18 day public folk festival, traditionally held towards the end of September in Munich, Germany. This year too, it’s scheduled to begin on the 16 September, and promises to be a spectacular event. Such is the craze, in fact, that almost 6.5 million people visit it every year, where they are served over 7 million litres of beer!

The ambience, by all means, plays a huge role in the overall experience. However, not all of us have the time or the money to hop on a plane and set off to Germany for the carnival based on a whim. So, the next best thing to do, of course, is to call some friends over, set the mood, make it a party, and try and recreate the environment at home.

And since you’re here, we’re assuming you’re looking to do just that, and thus, here are some ideas that might help!

1. Handpainted Wooden Beer Signs

By: Lumbernotes

Why settle for boring posters, when you can get yourself a canvas made of wood? The nature texture of the wood gives it a very authentic feel, making it the perfect hand painted wall decor for your bar.


2. Concrete Beer Holder

By Conkreate

The first major issue with throwing a party where people are bound to get drunk is, well, spilt drinks. A simple way to avoid that is by getting a couple of these Beer Holders that will ensure your beer stays in one place, and you have minimal cleaning to do after!

That is, of course, till someone throws up. In which case, well, stock up on mops too?


3. Mughal Beer Mug

By Cultural Concepts

Mugs full of beer are the highlight of any Oktoberfest party. However, if you’re feeling a tad adventurous, skip the traditional Steins for these beautifully designed Mughal Beer Mugs!


4. Beer Lover T-Shirt

By Niche

Stand out at the party by proclaiming your love for beer using this Beer Lover T-shirt. And if you’re choosy, it’s available in multiple colours too!


5. Bar Stool

By Desi Jugaad

Is any bar really complete without a gorgeous bar stool? Delightfully designed, this Bar Stool made by Desi Jugaad will come in handy for years after the party too!


6. Upcycled Glasses

By Krystal Kraft

If you’re eco-conscious, there are few better picks than this set of upcycled glasses. The glasses have been crafted by Krystal Kraft art studio using real corona beer bottles, which means you’re doing your bit to save the environment even while getting drunk out of your mind!


 7. Coasters

By Poppadum Art

Condensation destroys furniture of all kinds, and coasters thus save the day. Furthermore, you’re helping save the environment too, as these coasters are made by upcycling discarded logs of wood, and then individually treated and hand-painted!


8. Beer Games Poster

By Artangle

No party is complete without drinking games, and since it’s an Oktoberfest themed party, you ought to specifically stick to beer games. This beer games poster not only comes with a detailed explanation of 13 games to choose from, but works as a splendid form of decor as well.


9. And Finally, Stock Up On Your Beer

As someone living in India, beer is rather easily available at any local wine shop, so stocking up shouldn’t be a problem.

Our main concern here is the kind of beer you’ll be stocking up on. So, if you allow us to recommend, we at Engrave swear by Bira.

The classic ones, of course, are Bira White and Bira Blonde. While the White is low in bitterness and has a hint of spicy citrus, the more flavourful Blonde Lager is extra malty and high-hopped with a delicate aroma.

Glasses of Bira Blonde and Bira White

Glasses of Bira Blonde and Bira White

Most Indians love a strong beer, Bira Strong, with 7% alcohol content, will serve you well. And of course, if you’re looking for something lighter, Bira Light has only 90 calories per bottle!

Freshly launched Bira Light and Strong

Now that you have everything you require, all you need to do is have some friends over for the party of your life. So yep, send out those invites already — your Oktoberfest weekend(s) await!


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