Here’s to fine dining at home

A fine dining experience can be created in a number of ways. Here are 7 handmade experiences for your consideration.

A fine dining experience can be created in a number of ways. Not all of them have to be prohibitively priced. In fact, here are 7 extremely approachable and accessible handmade explorations for your consideration. Welcome to a world of dining table decorations. Bon appetit!      


BURNT OFFERING: This set of four coasters represent a unique art form that originated in Uttar Pradesh. It is known as Burnt Work. These coasters are made of sheesham wood and exquisitely carved in floral designs by hand. Also, the coasters come with a box that is a work of art in itself. Get acquainted.


CALLING CUTLERY: Don’t let your lovely cutlery run helter skelter like directionless children. They are liable to be misplaced. Instead, cart them in style in this handsome Cutlery Cart by Square Barrel. Get together.


NAPKINS THAT SHINE: A vibrant set of six napkins by Lushomes await you. What’s more, the embroidered motifs each napkin sports, elevates this set from the good to the exceptional. In short, these table napkins will whet your appetite and transform the way eat.


TABLE TOP: A table top that’s a fine cut above the rest is this tablecloth by Lushomes. If you’re looking to enhance your hospitality quotient and give your tableware a facelift, this tablecloth has you covered. And then some.  


MAT FINISH: This is a good place to begin your search for distinctive table mats. It may also signal the end of your search. Because these table mats by Nestroots are so engaging, you may not be inclined to look any further. See why. 


PICK POCKET: A toothpick isn’t something you’d normally spend too much time obsessing over. But a toothpick holder, now, that you may certainly wish to invest some time looking into – if you care for fine tableware, that is. And if you do, this dashing offering by Linchpins Designs has much going for it. Take your pick. 

SIDE KICK: Side dishes are not the main course, certainly, but that doesn’t mean they ought to be tucked away or served in a lesser manner. If you concur with this line of thinking, we think this serving dish combo by VarEesha will interest you. Look into it.     

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