Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas To Show That You Care

With a bit of creativity and effort, gift wrapping can actually show that you care — and as the list will prove, not just about your friends, but the environment too.

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped the way you expect.” ~Jonathan Lockwood Hieu

Jonathan Lockwood Hieu may have been preaching philosophy, but the quote has literal implications too. Some might argue, though, that gift wrapping is an art in itself. And honestly, isn’t it about time we went beyond the monotony of sticking two shiny sheets of paper for a tacky end product that is so bloody overdone? With a bit of creativity and effort, gift wrapping can actually show that you care — and as the list will prove, not just about your friends, but the environment too.


While reusing newspapers is not unheard of, there are scores of other everyday items you can recycle and use as gift wrapping material. Magazine covers, for example. Old maps, perhaps? Obsolete calendars, too. And oh, paper bags! In any case, what were you planning on doing with the 2014 calendar anyway?


If you just went, “Wait, what?” we don’t blame you — but yes, it is a thing. Placing your gifts in a balloon, as the video below demonstrates, requires one teaspoon of patience and two tablespoons of effort. It is a bit of work, yes, but if you give it a shot and pull it off, it’ll make you look ridiculously cool.


Recycling’s fancy cousin is up cycling — a (rather brilliant) process of making redundant, recyclable objects better than it was in its original state. Upcycled newspapers are simply gorgeous, and also double up as really cool wrapping paper options. And oh, it’s really not that difficult to get your hands on them either!

Upcycled Newspaper – Block Printing – Gift Wrapping, Framing, Cladding by Studio ABCD


If you’re someone who hates wasting paper, you’ll love this. Furoshiki is an amazing Japanese technique that uses a piece of cloth for wrapping gifts. Apart from being economically viable and reusable, the cloth gives you the freedom to play around with the styles and express yourself better, thereby helping you come up with some really pretty and innovative designs. And oh, according to Japanese customs, it’s considered good manners too!

Borrow from your desk, or even nature!

If you’re a stationery aficionado, a simple rummage through your own desk will yield plenty. Using scraps for decoration is something you must definitely consider — but if you’re adventurous enough, you can take it one step further. Pluck some big leaves off a tree (or better yet, pick up some dead ones off the floor) from your nearest garden and use it to add decoration. If you can find tiny flowers, use those too. If done correctly, it will look absolutely stunning.

We’re sure there are scores of more creative ideas — some of which must be even better than these. We can’t possibly feature them all, so we’d love it if you could help us expand this list by commenting and sharing some of your personal favourites or your own unique ideas.

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