Decor Tips For Your Balcony

A guide on converting your balcony into one of the most comfortable spaces in your home.

Does your apartment have a balcony? Are you looking for inspiring and imaginative ways to renovate it? If yes, we can help you turn your balcony into one of the most comfortable spaces in your home.

Often, the balcony is the last place we have in mind when planning to renovate our homes. This is unfortunate. Your balcony may be the only place you can enjoy the outdoor air allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the view without leaving your apartment. Truth be told, the balcony is a great thing to have in an apartment. And depending on its size, shape, and layout, there are several design strategies you can adapt to make your balcony a more comfortable living space.

It is true that apartments with small balconies find it hard to arrive on decor ideas that are a good fit. But with some imagination and the right things, it’s eminently possible to decorate a tiny balcony and make it cozy and comforting.

Let’s introduce you to some awesome ideas to inspire and help you renovate your balcony.

The first step is to estimate the space that is available.

Relax in comfort and color

In a small balcony, you may not able to add that hanging swing chair, but we certainly have other options for you. You can opt for a metal chair and a small table. It will take up less space and is the best option for the rainy season. However, the practical option would be a foldable chair and table.  You can fold it when not required giving you an added space in your balcony.

And if you’re interested in creating a comfortable and cozy seating environment, you may wish to add cushions. Cushions are available in small and large. Opt for contrasting colors that will go well with your surroundings. Once have the choice of cushions nailed, here are some options to decorate and cover them with.

Bring in the Plants

Your balcony will be better with potted plants or flowers. Create a fresh and green oasis right where you stay.

You can keep a nice flowering pot at the center of your table or opt for one big vase and place it at a nice decorative corner. To save space, you can use hanging pots. It is convenient to affix them on the beams. You can place the planters on your wall or us bucket planters to cover all the sides of your railing. Choose colorful flowering plants and creative pots that are captivating and playful.

Avoid using too much floor space of your balcony, do not overcrowd it. Devise ways to utilize vertical space, like these planters that can be put up on walls. They are so inventive and eye-catching. If possible arrange an old shelf so that you can keep your pots on it, this will also create a lot of space.

Add ambiance to the balcony

A balcony with a nice view can be a relaxing retreat.

Set design details using garden accessories to suit small space. You can decorate your wall with murals. If you’re a bird lover you can add a small birdbath. They will flock to your beautiful balcony.  This will add more detail to your oasis.

A small balcony has no need of powerful lighting but it requires a bright practical and functional solution. Light up the place with string light, lanterns or t-lights. It will bring a bright, warm touch to the balcony. Use a diffuser, the aroma will help you relax and also keep mosquitoes at bay.

A wind chime will fill the silences with the sounds of comfort and peace every time a little breeze blows your way. Use a diffuser, the aroma will help you relax and also keep mosquitoes at bay.

When it comes to your balcony, the most important thing you need to know, it should be your happy space. So feel free to add features that boost your personal enjoyment.

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