Meet the Maker – Divya from HandworkStudio

Divya from Handworkstudio makes products that are a little unconventional – with terracotta clayware meeting solid wood.

Geometry inspires Divya – it is a key element in both design and execution. Geometry is flexible and all about umpteen possible transformation of forms. Yet, it maintains functionality. Everything about HandworkStudio embodies this sensibility.

A qualified architect, Divya practiced building architecture for 10 years before starting HandworkStudio, a creative hub that infuses contemporary design into existing traditional handmade products for open minds who love adding handcrafted values to their lives.

Divya, Founder – HandworkStudio

HandworkStudio’s product mix is, ofcourse, a little unconventional – with terracotta clayware meeting Solid wood lamps. The best selling lamps are Squared & Winged’. Their Jugs, too, are very popular.

Located in Bangalore, HandworkStudio works with all their artisans on a product-to-product basis, mostly at their work places. Before they engage any artisan, they conduct a brief ‘get to know each other’ session, wherein they understand the craft-person’s abilities and limitations, while sharing their design philosophy.

behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes at HandworkStudio

And on that short note, over to you, Divya. Help us get to know you and HandworkStudio better.

About the logo

HandworkStudio Logo

The logo pretty much represents the studio’s philosophy – geometrical transformation of forms into design flexibility, functional yet beautiful. Beyond the philosophy the logo is the two alphabets – ‘hw’, which is ‘handwork’ – and integral part in the making of all our products.

Meet Divya

My art teacher in college used to say, “Art is where there is pattern in randomness & order in chaos.” These same things would probably suit me to some extent.

I love order (rather obsessed), but I also love freedom & flexibility. I keep everything organised (colour-wise/size-wise), yet my work desk is the only messy thing in my studio. (And nobody dares clean up my desk). And I believe life is charming with all its paradoxes and ambiguities. Finally, I am very inquisitive and always looking to learn new things.

Making Divya

I am what I am today because of some of the things I did as a child. I read just about everything from physiology to mythology under a tree or tucked away by a corner window – this was the favourite part of my childhood.

Apart from this, the best times were when I was lost to the world in my craft making sessions – learning to make new things. And this solitary time was always followed up lot of talkativeness & narrating all that I had read about or being a complete show-off!

Basically I was more of book worm/studious sort of kid, so I never thought I was “creative”, and should take up a creative career up until my 10th board papers.  I just took it as a part of growing up – to be interested in exploring new ideas. Post my board papers, I realised I loved working with my hands, which is when I decided to explore more of my creative side.

Inspiring Divya
A lot of architects have shaped my thought process – like Mies Van Rohe’s ‘Less is more” thinking and Louis Sullivan’s ‘Form follows function’ idea. It may sound clichéd but, for some products, the inspiration is just Nature.

I am totally inspired by new age women who are hard-working, determined, and a go-getter.

A well designed product always brings in a certain joy and quality into the users’ life. We can survive with or without well designed products, but whether one acknowledges wilfully or unknowingly this fact; we subconsciously always enjoy good things & move towards it.

HandworkStudio’s products are for everyone who wants to enhance their environment and derive a subtle kind of joy from the things that people their lives.

Challenging HandworkStudio

The initial challenge is always to convince the artisan to deviate from his traditional work and try our new designs. Once that is done, the rest of the challenges are simple, which are resolved along the way.

The road ahead

Two or three years from now, I see more product lines. I see more variety. I see more work. And I definitely see more happy and inspired customers. I see all this happening for HandworkStudio online and offline.

Visit the HandworkStudio shop on Engrave.

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