The DIY Way To Gift Happiness

A collection of great DIY gift ideas for creative souls. Not only are they fun to make/create but are also useful as well.

Imagine how satisfying and wonderful it must feel to gift someone you care for a gift that you have created with your own hands or allows them to put their creative skills to the test. No, n, it’s not that hard to do this. Take a look at how our makers help you do this with a selection of fun DIY gifts that nourish you and your loved ones in more ways than one.


A card is a pretty impersonal way to wish someone, unless you make it yourself. Then it becomes something very personal, very cherished, and very special. Like this set of DIY cards from The Joy Factory.


Anyone can go and buy a box of sweets of goodies. But it takes a special person to invest time and effort and emotions to create a box of goodies themselves. This offering from Sky Goodies is for the special person that you are.


Pen stands and plant holders are dime and dozen, right? Not if you consider this beauty from Sky Goodies. Do it yourself and do it in style with a touch of personality.


For the love of photographic memories, retro chic, and utility pen stands, this is the way to go. Explore your creative side and make something special, with a little help from Sky Goodies.



Interested in discovering, sharing, and gifting the joys of block printing to yourself and your near and dear ones? This hand-block printing kit from Studio Kaeth is the way to go.



Need light that’s a touch apart and with a touch of Game of Thrones? Allow us to throw a little light on the matter by inviting you to take a closer look at this make it yourself offering from ULLU.


From the house of Curious Minds, comes this opportunity to give your feathered friends something pretty to come home to: a hand-painted bird house by yours truly.

Avinash Subramaniam

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    Dipak jadhav August 22, 2018

    My one of the best part in any work is mentioned here and that is DIY. its a really a very good method in which you can have freedom to make your own work and it saves your lot of money. I really loved this article. Thanks a lot for sharing such a good article.


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