Do Up Your Bedroom In Under 5K!

Living on a budget? Have a friend’s birthday and a lot of other expenses lined up? Student life can be hard with the limited pocket money you get. Here is a list of things that are pocket friendly and cute, that allow you to transform your room in under 5K.

Life of a student is hard and not only are we tied up on a strict budget but we need to manage a lot of other things along with our studies. Which college student doesn’t want to return home after a tiring day of lectures, assignments and emotional torments to just unwind in their cozy room and catch up on some sleep? But with the strict budget coming in, we are forced to consider making our room extremely simple and budget consistent.

However, to eliminate the budget aspect, we have sorted out a list of things that make your room cozy, cute and quirky (especially for students). Balancing your expenses while decorating your room won’t be a part of your “list of worries”, anymore.

Go ahead, treat your pockets –

1. Wall Decoration is a must


Make your wall artsy with this dainty wall decal that brings out the calm after a storm-of-a-day. Your wall will never be more artistic.

Cost – Rs. 849/-


Your room is your comfort zone and it’s necessary that you dream in your zone. Adding this element to your rein brings those feels along with it.

Cost – Rs. 650/-

3. What time is it, again?

This room accessory is a must to make sure you’re never late for class or an appointment. With that engraved and much loved moustache, this clock will make you want to keep looking at it.

Cost – Rs. 600/-


4. The pre/post hangover motivator

For all those party lovers and one’s who pass out after every Saturday night, this poster on your wall is definitely going to motivate you to wake up and reach on time as per schedule on a Monday morning.

Grab it as fast as you chug shots.

Cost – Rs. 249/-


5. Burn the midnight lamp

Calling out to the creative souls or the midnight people who always study one night before an exam – This is your thing. With that owl on the lamp and the elegant light it emits, you will definitely love to have this around by your night table.

Cost – Rs. 1,199/-


6. Cushion it up


Cuddle up on your bed or sofa with this beauty alongside. Coziness and comfort has just been personified. With its patterns and designs, this piece will surely add an aesthetic and picturesque feeling to your bedroom.

Cost – Rs.450/-


7. Never miss a deadline or birthday

This antique cuteness will make you want to keep track of your deadlines and upcoming birthdays. You will want to keep toying with it cause of its unique design. No more worrying about missing out on any important date.

Cost – Rs.499/-


8. The symbolist show piece

Just like a student’s life is filled hardships, this Pedalo show piece can be used as a symbol to it. Depicting your hard work throughout your time of struggle, you want to have this around as a symbol of working towards earning success.

Cost – Rs. 500

Do your room up under 5K, like never before. To make your room the darling you return home to everyday, grab these and more on Engrave.


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