Dussehra Special: Best Of Lord Hanuman

Dussehra is almost here – it’s on October 19. Hanuman is an integral part of the festival that tells the story of the triumph of Lord Rama over Raavan. This is why Hanuman is one of the most-loved deities in the pantheon of Indian gods. If you worship Hanuman, this blog is for you.

Dussehra is almost here – it’s on October 19. The festival celebrates Lord Rama’s victory over the demon king, Raavan and the triumph of good over evil. The numerous Ram-Leela productions tell this timeless and epic story with great pomp and splendour. Hanuman is an integral part of the story of the battle between Lord Rama and Raavan, the Ramayana.

It’s fair to say that Lord Rama couldn’t have triumphed over Raavan and freed Sita from the demon king’s clutches without Hanuman. This is why Hanuman is one of the most-loved deities in the pantheon of Indian gods. If you worship Hanuman, this blog that showcases the monkey-god in different ways is dedicated to you, and of course Hanuman.


This beautiful wall platter is made by BlueFire Pottery Studio. It showcases what Hanuman did to save Laxman’s life during the war between Lord Rama and Raavan. It’s not only eye-catching, but also timeless. You are invited to make it a part of your décor story. 




Adipa makes ceramic tiles that are works of art. These tiles are unforgettable and enhance your spaces no matter where you place them. The Hanumanta is a fine example of this. It is a visual and spiritual feast. Take a closer look at it and see how it can be yours for keeps.


This is a greeting card by The Design Fly. It is the perfect way to wish your loved ones on Dussehra. It is graphic and stunning to look at. It takes you back to a mythical time. Above all, it is dedicated to Hanuman. Click here for the complete story.   


Lord Rama’s beloved brother Laxmana was grievously injured during the battle to bring back Sita. It could have been a fatal blow. The war may have been lost if Laxmana had died. It was thanks to Hanuman that Laxmana lived. This wall platter from BlueFire Pottery Studio is another stunning take on this immortal tale. Take it and grace your home with it.   




It’s a good idea to drive with Hanuman. He will protect you and guide you to your destinations. The pleasing and pretty way to do this is to have this grand sticker by WallDesign at the back of your car. Happy journeys!   


Made by Heavan Décor, this is a glittering gold-polished idol of Hanuman. It shows him carrying the mountain with the Sanjeevani herb for Laxman.  This immortal scene can now be yours. Bring home this intricate and striking work of it. Bless your life with it.   

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