Editor’s picks: 14 trendy bags for women

Clutches, totes, handbags, backpacks, sling bags and more. Our fashion editor picks 14 of the trendiest bags our makers have to offer.

From the earliest stages of civilization, bags and purses were practical everyday articles used by men as well as women. They were necessary for carrying money and other personal items, since clothes hadn’t yet been fitted out with pockets.

The introduction of pockets towards the end of the 16th century meant that the men’s bags slowly disappeared in the course of the 17th century. From then on, bags belonged almost exclusively to the women’s domain.

Women’s emancipation was the most influential factor in the shaping of the handbag. More and more women were employed and as they became more mobile, their handbags had to meet a growing variety of practical needs. This resulted in all sorts of bags for specific purposes such as leather document cases for going to the office, practical leather and plastic daytime bags for walking and visiting, elegant, sparkling bags and minaudières (metal clutches) for evening use.

Now, in an age where schools and offices are relying more on digital tools, designers are also rethinking traditional backpacks, creating smaller, sleeker bags with compartments for laptops and smartphones built in.

Our fashion editor has picked out 14 of the trendiest bags our makers have to offer.


In Ikat, leather, and handwoven by At:Ikat and summery, colourful messenger bag by Zaera Designs are a great way to carry any look with functionality and style.


Handcrafted pouch in orange and zari by the responsible folks at Clean Planet and this sequined conversation piece in dazzling black by the story tellers at TheBagTales make quite the impression in more ways than one.


Japanese style origami bag by Bararu and Suzani bag in a butterfly, red, and blue by Xiwikj India are two ways to ensure you turn heads everywhere you go.


You can pouch your laptop in your imagination with these broad brush stroke infused offerings from Orunie in backpack or handbag. Dig it? Dig in.


Classy and contemporary is this sling bag from Miloni Shah Bags, while summery and floral and bright is this beauty from Lost and Found. Find your comfort zone.


Go places in desi diva style with this pretty one in suede from Urban Desi or make a statement in cordura pink and more with this piece from Atrangee. Check in to check out what’s in store for you.


From being an everyday style statement to doubling up as the perfect companion for a bohemian girl’s weekend adventures, this creation from the State of Play hits the spot in stripes of style. And if the art of carrying toiletries matter to you, you definitely want to look up this cutie from The Crazy Me. Bon Voyage!

To view the entire Bags collection on Engrave Click Here.

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