Experience The Numerous Benefits Of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a wonder ingredient in wellness products. Here are 9 products made by our makers that contain lemongrass and other things that are beneficial to the mind, body, skin, and soul.

The addition of lemongrass in bath and beauty products is a great thing. It is a natural astringent and an excellent toner. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. This makes it a wonder remedy in most skin care and wellness treatments. Engrave offers you a fine selection of lemongrass soaps, body washes, creams, and shampoos. creams and shampoos. In this blog, we bring to you nine natural bath and beauty products created by our makers that are good for body, skin, and soul.



To care, to love, to rejuvenate, and to energize is what this handmade aromatic lemongrass soap by Handmade Adda came into being to do. Like a faithful handmaiden, it will serve you dedicatedly for years to come.


If you thought lemongrass oil can be used only in Thai cooking, you are wrong. There are many other beneficial ways to use this magic oil. This, for instance, by Ancient Living is one. See more.



When it comes to room fresheners, not choosing one with the right ingredients can harm your health very adversely. How to ensure you get these things right is a challenge. Help is at hand with this fresh and invigorating idea by Nyassa.



Made with natural essential oils, ideal to keep away mosquitoes and other insects. Alanna Naturally Beautiful creates mosquito repellent that is gentle and safe for daily use and the best natural protection against insect bites. Yes, the best.


The healthy and gentle way to shave is this classy and elegant offering by Neev Soaps. It’s when happens when you add aromatherapy to the science of creating unique and thoughtful products for men.



This lemongrass body wash is created by The Nature’s Co. It is here to nurture your skin by cleansing and purifying it. It is vibrant, crisp, and fresh. It has excellent antiseptic properties that offer a most complete and natural bathing routine under the sun.


There are many ways to rest your eyes. This by The Nature’s Co. is infused with lemongrass and handcrafted with style, which makes it a very welcome and essential addition to your daily or weekly wellness habit.



Acne is a fact of life. It can hurt you physically and emotionally. Use the wrong beauty product and the consequences can prove to be very stressful. Don’t let beauty treatment be the bane of your life. This harmonious and effective organic pimple acne gel is a simple way to solve one of life’s more complicated problems. Try it.


Among the many non-organic beauty products that are hurting the environment, shampoo is a notorious contributor. This biodegradable men’s shampoo by Rustic Art is a welcome addition to the arsenal of ethical tools we must employ in our war on products that damage you by hurting the environment.


Check our entire collection of bath and beauty products with Lemongrass here.

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