15 Fantastic Farewell Gift Ideas for a Parting Colleague

Planning farewell gifts, though, can be tricky, so here are fifteen of our handpicked options that should make their way right into your farewell gift basket.

If you spend close to 12 hours a day with someone, they’re bound to become an integral part of your life. Working together in an office (especially the smaller start-ups) sees your relationship with a colleague blossom professionally, personally, and if you’re lucky, an exceptional mixture of both. Watching a familiar face leave is often difficult, but the least you can do is celebrate the time you had together and thank them for their services in the form of a well organised farewell. Planning farewell gifts, though, can be tricky, so here are fifteen of our handpicked options that should make their way right into your farewell gift basket.

1. Aiqon Luxury Watch

Classy and elegant, luxury watches make for the perfect parting gift. While most brands are exorbitant, Aiqon makes a wonderful range of watches that are both stylish and affordable.

2. Farewell Canvas Print

“When you can’t drink with us, drink to us” — this farewell canvas print serves as a great reminder to your colleague of the great times and many memories you made together post working hours.

3. Inspirational Plaque

The ‘Crazy Ones’ plaque serves as a great farewell gift for a colleague charting his own path.

4. 3-D Printed Accessories

3-D printing is the next big thing in technology and these options will serve as valuable gifts to your parting colleague — be it the fingerprint cufflinks for men, or the beautiful monogram pendant for women!

5. Caricature

Caricatures are pretty, yes, but this personalised caricature photo frame also serves as great reminder of all the wonderful times you shared together.

6. Doodle Me A Song

If your colleague is big on music, there would be no better gift than this customised doodle art print of their favourite song.

7. Personalised Newspaper

If you’re looking to have a bit of fun, this personalised newspaper should help you make the headlines in style!

8. Farewell Cake Topper

Cake Toppers not only make your cake more aesthetically appealing but also double up as great mementos, which is why they’re must-haves atop the farewell cake!

9. Chocolates

Chocolates are the obvious option and the safest bet because, well, everyone loves them. This set of four handcrafted Indah Chocolate bars will make a great addition to your colleague’s farewell basket.

10. Photo Frame

Photographs capture great memories but photo frames help preserve them. If you consider your colleagues to be your second family, this reunion photo frame etched with everyone’s name is a great option.

11. Mug

We all love to grab a great cup of coffee and seize the day, and this ‘Carpe That Fucking Diem’ mug will help your colleague achieve just that.

12. Personalised calendar

We all need a desk calendar to keep a track of our dates, but this personalised calendar also helps you keep track of the wonderful memories made together in office.

13. Desk Accessories

No matter where you go or what job you take up, your desk is still your desk and it must never be devoid of some gorgeous desk accessories. Engrave has a wonderful range of the same, so go ahead and take your pick!

14. Planner

If your colleague is obsessed with meticulous organisation, gift them this wonderful planner with the prints of the chaotic mess that is Mumbai. They’ll never be more befuddled!

15. Journal

Maintaining a journal is a great habit, and if your colleague is into that (or, well, if they simply love doodling!), this journal is a great gift to throw in the mix.

Rameez Shaikh

Rameez Shaikh is a twenty-three year old writer. With a degree in journalism to his name, he's an aspiring author with an absolutely astounding admiration for alliteration. Leisure propels him to read, dance, pen fiction and gloat about himself in third person. On weekdays, he works as a features writer. On weekends, he's a Manchester United fan.


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    CHOCOCRAFT Shreya Agarwal March 19, 2018

    Great compilation! I like the way some conventional gifts have been given unique twists – like the engine pen holder, and some new ideas like caricatures have been included. Not sure what the “Personalised Newspaper” was. But well-written post! Thanks! 🙂

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    freddy joe March 11, 2021

    Those are some creative ideas, Thanks.


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