Fashionable Accessories for Travel Lovers

For those who like to travel, this blog is one stop you might want to make. For those who love to travel, here are some accessories you might want to pack.

Travel is fun. And when you have the right travel accessories, it’s even more enjoyable. If you like to travel, here are some fantastic companions you might want to take with you. They’re eye-catching, creative, and unique. Check in to check them out. You’ll see. Bon Voyage!    

GET ORGANISED: One of the keys to having a good travel experience is to be organized. And to be organized, you could do with a great organizer. Which is where this offering by Tisora Designs comes into the picture. Click here for the complete picture. 

PILLOW TALK: Travelling can take a toll on your health. Aches and pains are a side-effect of less than ideal travel experiences. Here is something to help you travel more comfortably. It’s an Airplane Travel PIllow by Not Only Letters. Get comfortable.        




SPACED IN: To travel comfortably, you need to be able to carry your essentials conveniently. And that is what this glittering and flamboyant travel pouch by Tisora Designs enables you to do. Get into it.

TAKE NOTE: Take notes, actually. True, not as many people use paper and pencil to take notes while traveling. Or take notes at all! People use cellphones and other such high tech things to record memories. That said, there is an undeniable charm to doing some things the old way. We have discovered it. And so will you, when you make friends with this beautiful travel note-book designed and handcrafted by Paperholic Design Studio.


TAG TEAM: Looking for your bag on a carousel full of bags surrounded by impatient people can get a bit tedious. Well, here’s how you can make it less painful and almost enjoyable. Tag your bag (or bags) with this and other equally striking luggage tags by The Crazy Me.   


FOOTWEAR AND COMPANY: No matter where you go, you need good footwear. And to keep good footwear in fine fettle, these shoe bags by Whistling Yarns make for very accommodating company. Step in for more.

THIRST FOR MORE: You can’t go places without adequate hydration. And to hydrate on the go, a good water bottle is a must-have. But don’t just go for any water bottle. Thirst for more. Go for something special like this one by Blank Slate Home. Not only does it look stunning, but it also has the health benefits of copper to offer with every sip. Here’s to great healthy hydration.




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