Gandhi Jayanti Special: 10 Stunning Handwoven Products

Today is Gandhi Jayanti. We thought why not celebrate it with some makers who are honoring Gandhiji's chakra and producing beautiful hand-woven products.

The charkha or spinning wheel was the physical embodiment and symbol of Mahatma Gandhi’s constructive program. It represents Swadeshi, self-sufficiency, and interdependence.

The Charkha reminded Gandhiji of “the ever-moving wheel of the Divine Law of Love” and he wished to die with his hand at the spinning wheel. To him, spinning was like penance or sacrament, a medium for spiritual uplift, a symbol of dharma, of self-help and self-reliance, of dignity of labour and human values. Besides, it was an emblem of non-violence.

Gandhi saw God in every thread that he drew on the spinning wheel: its music was like a balm to his soul. His movement for Khadi, hand-spun cloth, was as much aimed at building a new economic and social order based on self-sufficient, non-exploitative, village communities of the past as it was a protest against growing industrialism and materialism which were making man a slave of machine and mammon.

Today on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we thought why not celebrate it with some beautiful hand-woven products from our makers.


This hand-woven ikat Yoke Tunic by Simply Kitsch is stylish, comfortable, elegant, and works great as casual or formal wear. Come on in and take your pick.


This eri silk green and black check scrarf is hand-woven. It’s by Kaizen – The Label and definitely worth checking out for more reasons than one. Go places with it and watch heads you’re your way. This way, please, for more.


Carry this cool and sporty multicolour ikat tote bag by At Ikat and discover a smart way to showcase fashion and utility. It’s also sturdy and made to keep you company for years and years.


This chatai weave cushion cover by Sadyaska is striking and eye-catching. It makes for a beautiful addition to your interior décor and comfort zone.


Find inner peace and good health with a little help from this cotton yoga mat by Deivee. The comfortable way to nirvana rests on a comforting and chic space here.


Clean Planet brings you this lovely sling bag that looks good and does good things for the planet, too. Take a closer look at it, open your eyes to what we mean, and what our planet needs.


When you’re looking for the perfect cover to wrap your cushions in, look no further the Pink Dhurrie by HIIH. See why it adds charm to your interiors and conversations.


For those who care about how they carry themselves and the things they carry with them, this handcrafted leather and hand-woven cotton ikat sling bag by AsalKaar is the way to go.


To look out of this world in khadi, introduce yourself to this and the world of Ombre Craft. It’s one of the most relaxed ways in which to look good and feel good.


Lovely carry bags in beautiful colours are here for you in the form of these jute potlis by Weave Green. Get into them and discover a graceful choice to store things.

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