Get into the artistry of chevron

Be it sigils, flags, designs on pottery or rock carvings, the chevron pattern has been used since time immemorial. Discover what we have for your benefit.

Be it sigils, flags, designs on pottery or rock carvings, the chevron pattern has been used for ages. The earliest recorded use of the chevron pattern dates back to approximately 1800 BC, where pottery designs depicting the same pattern was recovered from the palace of Knossos on Crete, located in modern-day Greece.

What is the chevron pattern?

The chevron pattern originates from the chevron insignia which is an inverted V shaped mark. There are no fixed guidelines for the shape of the inverted V pattern, and it can make use of wide, flattened V’s as well as narrow V’s. Some patterns can be slightly curved as well.

And that brings us to the end of a short introduction to chevron. Now, here are five beautiful products that handsomely showcase the Chevron pattern for your consideration. Over to you. 

TIME TRAVEL: This chevron on clock is subtle, yet striking, which is exactly what you want from a timekeeper you’ll add to your tastefully decorated home.

COVER UP: A cushion is a comfort zone. Make it even more inviting with this eye-catching cover in chevron print on cotton by Maihomu.

ABLE TOP: Save your furniture for good with this elegant set of six coasters in wood veneer with chevron print by The Object Store.

WALL WOWS: Make your walls look standout and distinctive with this classy and stylish embellishment in stencil and chevron by WallDesign.

BEAUTY ON A BOTTLE: Copper, which is a most healthy metal to store liquids in, makes this bottle by Blank Slate Home a great offering. The chevron print on it makes it gorgeous.

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