Gifts For Cancerians!

Do you have a Cancerian in your life you care about? If yes, it’s time to remember that their birthday is around now (June 21-July 22) and get them something that shows and says you love them!

The sign of Cancer (June 21 through July 22) is characterised by traits like deeply intuitive and sentimental. These two qualities, itself, can make Cancer one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know.

People born under this zodiac sign are said to be very emotional and sensitive. They might care very deeply about matters concerning the family and home. It is also believed that a person from this zodiac sign is sympathetic and deeply attached to the people connect with.

Multiple Oscar winner Tom Hanks is a Cancerian. And so was the ultra-sensitive Robin Williams. Then you have Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Meryl Streep…actually, the list of illustrious Cancerians is long and distinguished. Closer home, MS Dhoni, Naseeruddin Shah, Sanjeev Kumar, and Guru Dutt, to name a few, are some legendary stars that fall under this zodiac sign.

Have a Cancerian you are fond of? This showcase of handcrafted items that are customised for those under this zodiac sign will interest you. And since birthdays under this zodiac sign are, like, now, perhaps you want to pick up something for the person in your life who is born under this zodiac sign?


Smart mugs are easy to like – and by mugs we mean the things you drink out of – not faces. If you know a Cancerian who appreciate classic design and well-crafted mugs that are durable and useful, this offering by Sublime Point will resonate with them. Cheers!


This piece of word art is very creative. It’s unique. It’s customized for the Cancerian. It’s eye-catching. And, finally, it’s up-cycled, which makes it good for the environment. For all these reasons, this work of art by Unabridged Dictionary Art will appeal to your friend from this sign.


Something beautiful to hang or showcase is always a welcome gift in tasteful homes and spaces. This poster by TMSarts is one such gift. And the fact that it has been created for Cancerians makes it perfect for those born under this sensitive sign.


Children are special. No question about it. They deserve to be handled with great love and care. Well, of course! Well, here’s a sweet way to do it. Make a Cancerian child you know and love feel unique and exceptional with this set of cute PJs by Plan B.


Do you know a Cancerian that likes to write, doodle, or make a note of things? Do you care about them enough to do something for them? If the answer to both these questions is yes, this lovely diary by Look What Happened a wonderful gifting option.

Cancer Diary

Cancer Diary by Look What Happened


The ancients believed a sun catcher attracted good energy, friendly spirits, and sweet dreams. Many modern people swear by this. Whether you believe in such a thing or not, one thing is certain – good thoughts are necessary things. This pretty sun catcher for Cancerians made by Kaleidoscope Stained Glass Studio is an example of the timeless belief that good thoughts count.


A Cancerian who loves to add life through colour and art to shelves or other spaces in their vicinity will surely appreciate this eye-catching, colourful, and kitschy piece of up-cycled bottle art by Pyjama Party Studio.


Personalised coasters are always interesting. It’s hard to resist taking a second look at one that’s beautifully designed, sports your zodiac sign, and says a few words about it. It is for these reasons that this set of coasters by Look What Happened will appeal to a Cancerian. Here’s more.


Guess why these pretty earrings by Bay Leaf Accessories are made for the fashion-conscious Cancerians. Go on, take a closer look and see if you can identify the connection. Clue: It has something to do with a crustacean.

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