Cool Gifts For Musicians

The ability to play a musical instrument or sing well is a gift. And it is for these gifted individuals that this list of handpicked gifts for musicians is noteworthy.

What does it take to be a musician? Well, it calls for spades of passion, buckets of hard work, deep reserves of determination, and a blessed gift of special talent. Most of us love music. But not most of us are good musicians. That’s why, the ones that are deserve to be celebrated, loved, and encouraged. There are many ways to do this. Gifting them something that will touch their musical side is certainly one. And if that’s the way you wish to go, this blog is here to help you with 7 handpicked gifts that will appeal to musicians.



Trumpets are eye-catching. They are beautiful. They are curvaceous. They are fascinating. Put simply, it’s hard to take your eyes off a trumpet. All of which makes this handcrafted piece of decor by CraftedIndia most appealing.


To a well-dressed and natty musician with a touch of style, these classics from the timeless school of sartorial sophistication by Closet Code will make the wearer shine in more ways than one.


Music is an integral part of the art of Warli. This offering from KakshyaaChitra Wall Decals celebrates this fact of Warli life. It is vibrant and beats for the musician and music lover.


If you know a musician that’s got the sax on their mind, give them a chance to get a handle on this love day in and day out with this quirky and rugged saxophone-mug by BlueFire Pottery Studio.


A well-played flute makes for exquisitely relaxing music. And the sound of flowing wind is a proven way to treat stress. Bring the two together, and you have this exotic beauty by Suka Creations.


The appeal of Hindustani musical instruments is far-flung for many good reasons. They sound unique. They look extraordinary. And they are infused with mysticism. All these qualities come to the fore in this wall hanging by Iron Handicrafts.


The personalised way to speak to a keyboard player is now yours for the taking (and gifting) in 3D. If you like the sound of that, come on in and take a closer look at this play by MakeWhale.

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