Gifts of love for children

Children are a gift. They must be treasured, nurtured, and loved unconditionally. Here are some charming ways to do this.

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children, said Nelson Mandela. We say, never a truer word spoken. And also add that children are a gift. They must be treasured, nurtured, and loved unconditionally. Here are some truly charming ways to do this.  

ALPHABET TOUCH: Learning the alphabet made easy is what this skills-aid by Maya Organic is. Discover why this a more enjoyable way to pick up the alphabet than others.

TWO CUTE: What do you call a couple of crochet-made little elephants? Elephantwo, of course! Too adorable is what these two from the house of Aria Arts are. We have no doubt your kids will love them.


Elephant Couple Crocheted

GOING PLACES: An enjoyable way to familiarise children with the idea of going places and the inevitable ups and downs while doing so is the timeless game of snakes and ladders. Pachisi have created a comely version of it. Come, introduce your child to it.

TOY TALK: Playthings are an integral and invaluable part of a healthy and happy childhood. Make them interesting and inviting. LIke this Buddy by Loyora.


PLAY TUNE: Play and learn in ways that are music to a child’s senses with this bright and versatile activity walker by Shumee. Get into it. Your child will eagerly do so too.


ART BY PUZZLE: Game meets art in this handsome plaything and showpiece by Artlivo. Children will be attracted to the way it looks and engaged by what they can do with it. Open the excitement.


DREAM WEAVER: Dreams are so important for a healthy childhood. And there are so many ways to encourage children to dream. Here is Zeezeezoo and their way for your child.


DREAM WEAVER: Now your child can appreciate the fun part of playing cards with their own version of it in the form of this quirky, large-sized pack by Pop Goes The Art. See how packed with fun it is.

From engaging ideas for growing children to a range of artistic ones for grown-ups in over 50 product categories, Engrave has something for anyone who appreciates good taste, ethical making practices, and a uniquely aware approach to life. Find your comfort zone in the many inviting ones we have lovingly nurtured just for you. Welcome to the world of Engrave. Welcome to a handcrafted, personalised, and thoughtful world. 

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