The 20 Greatest Star Wars Gifts in the Galaxy

There’s no better way to celebrate the success of the legendary Star Wars series than by treating yourself or your kith and kin to some magnificent Star Wars gifts. To aid you with the same, we’ve listed down 20 of the most splendid ones.

Probably the single biggest movie franchise to come out of Hollywood, Star Wars is revered and loved by people of all generations around the globe. With the release of The Force Awakens last week, Star Wars season is officially upon us in India and there’s no denying that we’re just as thrilled as you are. As the epic saga transitions into a new narrative, there’s no better way to celebrate the success of the legendary series than by treating yourself or your kith and kin to some magnificent Star Wars gifts. To aid you with the same, we’ve listed down 20 of the most splendid ones.

So, credit cards at the ready? May the force be with you…

1. Plaques from Space Wolf

Space Wolf Limited has some impressive art designs on its website, but the Star Wars themed plaques are simply stunning. There’s quite a few options, too, so you’re spoilt for choice! (Oops, they seem to have sold out now. But send out a mail to [email protected] and we’d be glad to make these deep etched plaques for you at our workshop.)

Boba Fett Plaque

Stormtrooper Mini Plaque

Star Wars Rebel Scum Plaque

Darth Vader Plaque

Get it here.

2. Unofficial Tees

If you buy the official Star Wars merchandise, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg and even half a kidney, perhaps. So why not take the logical route and buy some unofficial merch? Come over to the Dark Side, Luke. T-shirts are available at a bargain here…

3. Carved Crayons

If the Dark Side isn’t particularly appealing, switch to the, well, colourful side. Anyone with half an artistic brain realises the importance of crayons in artwork, and the only thing better than normal crayons is those carved out to resemble Star Wars characters. After all, who wouldn’t want to use Vader’s famous helmet to colour a sheet of paper?

4. Star Wars Bedding

If you’re looking for cosy sheets for a comfortable night in bed then Luke, I am your chaadar.

5. Darth Vader Macbook Decal

If you own a Macbook, there’s a possibility that you already have a favourite decal. If you can be turned, though, the Darth Vader decal could be a powerful ally.

6. Yoda Pen Drives

Always pass on what you’ve learned, Yoda said, and the best way to do that is by sharing your data using one of these Yoda Pen Drives. On second thought, should we call them Drive Pens?

7. The Figurines

As a Star Wars fanatic, few things beat the feeling of having the complete collection of Star Wars figurines. If you have a few missing, here’s the perfect opportunity to complete your set.

8. Lightsaber Pen

The primary job of a pen might be to write, but you can’t deny that if it lights up like a lightsaber, it’s a little bit cooler than anything else you’ll ever own.

9. Lightsaber Earrings

Read number 8. Replace pen with earrings. Repeat.

10. Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Han Solo’s majestic spacecraft is used to travel through space at the speed of light — and while this miniature version might not be as efficacious, it’ll certainly help you open a beer bottle or two.

11. Star Wars Sneakers

If you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers, the Adidas Originals Star Wars ones are absolutely gorgeous!

12. R2D2 Wall/Car Chargers

Although it is pretty much self-explanatory, we must admit we’re relieved that we don’t need a C-3PO to translate the commands!

13. Star Wars: Battlefront Video Game

Available on almost every platform, the new Star Wars video game is highly recommended. Whether or not you’re a fan of the saga, it’s one that the gamer inside you will definitely cherish.

14. Cookie Cutters

If you’re throwing a party (or better yet, a Star Wars themed party), is there a better way to impress your guests than by serving a plateful of cookies shaped like your favourite Star Wars characters?

15. Can Coolers

Speaking of parties, if a can of perfectly chilled beer is what you seek, the R2D2 or Chewbacca can cooler should do the trick.

16. Star Wars Party Props

And if you really want to go all out and outdo yourself, this Party Props set should help transform your party into a crazy Star Wars fest.

17. Darth Vader Cufflinks

Being elegant is one thing, being mysterious and enigmatic while radiating elegance, another. While it might be difficult to emulate the aura of Darth Vader himself, these cufflinks should help you stand out from the crowd at the very least.

18. Heat Change Mugs

Heat Change Mugs are fascinating as it is, but this one that lights up Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is a little bit extraordinarily mind-blowing.

19. Millennium Falcon Lego Set

We’ve saved the most expensive ones for last and they’re definitely worth the extra dough. If you grew up enjoying constructing Lego buildings and cars, the Millennium Falcon Lego Set will take you right back to your childhood. Building the iconic starship is an experience in itself — especially when you consider that the end product is massive and weighs almost 2 kgs!

20. Millennium Falcon Drone

But then again, what if a mere lifeless model isn’t enough to sate your Millennium Falcon needs? Then you do what common sense suggests and well, go all out and just get the drone. It costs a bomb, yes, but the feeling of being in control of your own Millennium Falcon is second to none.

Chewie, we’re home.

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