20 TOP PICKS from our store of 700+ handmade soaps!

Choose from the best handmade soaps made with love by makers across India. This list has been prepared after curating over 700+ handmade soaps from our collection.

In today’s jet set age, with increasing pollution in the environment, constant stress of work-life balance and excessive amounts of time spent in the gym as well as in front of the screen, rarely do we get the opportunity to stop and truly care for the largest part of our body – the skin. Yes, there are all variants of body oils and lotions available for pampering. But what about the soap that is responsible for cleansing and clearing out the impurities and prepping the body for further pampering. It is time we take a step back and channel some consideration towards this insignificant bar of sud-ser.

For this reason, we have picked out 20 of our best – each one handmade with love, completely chemical-free and lusciously fragranced.

1. Refreshing mogra always reminds us of the traditional gajras” in our mom’s hair.

2. A round of shots in your shower!

3. The black diamond of healers! This soap acts as a natural exfoliant and removes dead skin cells.

4. Luxurious foam and special aromas giving you the complete Spa Experience!

5. The combinative effect of 3 power packed ingredients!

6. The traditional goodness of multani mitt in soap form.

7. Rich fragrances for your senses and intense moisture for your skin.

8. For a Royal Glow!

9. The newest popular ingredient – sea salt, now in soap!

10. Don’t miss the lemon bitters within the soap.

11. Soothing and rich in antioxidants, this soap helps in removing dead skin and cleansing skin pores.

12. Kaolin clay or China clay draws out impurities from the skin pores which ylang ylang relaxes the senses.

13. Indian Night Jasmine, popular since vedic times!

14. Stimulating. Energising. Rejuvenating.

15. Made using activated charcoal, a beauty ingredient used since ancient Egyptian eras.

16. A Citrusy affair that will make your day!!

17. Neem – Sarva Roga Nivarini i.e. the eliminator of all diseases!

18. Great for sun-damaged skin and acne!

19. Black Soap mildly scented with exotic essential oils.

20. Our most favourite beauty ingredient – rose!

View our complete collection of handmade, all-natural soaps here

Sonam Gupta

Sonam is the lead curator of Engrave. She has been responsible for onboarding makers on to the platform with a special focus on the Bath & Beauty category. No wonder she has the cleanest desk at work. Outside of work, Sonam also helps her sister run the Arts In Motion Dance Studio.

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