Greetings and Envelopes that show you care.

In this digital age, who sends greetings and wishes through ‘snail mail’? Not many, you’re right. Well, here are some very good reasons you should.

Is there a future for greeting cards in this age of email and instant messaging? In this digital age, who sends greetings and wishes through ‘snail mail’? Not many, you’re right. All the more reason you should consider doing so.

Think about it. Which has more lasting emotional impact – an email saying ‘I love you’ or a beautiful card saying the same thing?  True, both are wonderful. But it makes you feel a little more special when you know someone has taken the time to do it by hand.

A bright card in a great envelope instantly brightens your day. It brings the knowledge that someone cares enough about you to take the time to pick out and mail a special message to you. Remember this the next time you’re tempted to give up mailing cards to your favorite people because you don’t have the time.

Digitally, you tend to lose the beauty of the personal feel of opening up a card and reading it. Something you can touch and feel and showcase makes a more positive impact. Be one of the few, the proud, the pen-wielding, stamp peeling, Greeting Card Gurus.  And when your family and friends think of you, they’ll remember you as the person who truly cared for them because of your delightful snail mail habit.

This uncommon feeling of caring is what we are all about here at Engrave. We’re here to bring joy to the world through handcrafted stationery and gifts for everyday use. And here are 7 delightful ways to do it.

FLYING HIGH: Not many would think a greeting card could make a person high. But it can, when it is well designed. And written by hand. Transport someone you care about to cloud 9 with this jolly greeting card and envelope designed by Vidhika Agarwal. Spread happiness. Get personal.


SWEET TEMPTATION: When you want to be sweet to someone that matters, dip into this cute offering created by Paper Town. It’s a toothsome way to show them you care. Like…really care enough to take the trouble to say it by hand.


NOTE THIS: There are many ways to say thank you. Some come across as more sincere than others. A handwritten thank you card like this one by Hastkrit, for instance, would certainly rank as one of the most sincere ways to say it. Especially in this day and age of hurriedly shot off emails and instant messages.   


CONGRATULATORY SPECIAL: Many a time, a congratulatory message doesn’t feel very genuine. But not when you go down this road to felicitate someone. This extraordinarily special feeling is brought to you by Merakicards. Introduce yourself to it. 


FLOWERY LANGUAGE: Flowery language is not always needed. This version of it, however, is likely to be very welcome because it feels genuine, heartfelt, and far from pretentious. See what we mean and what Inside Out Innovative Designs has in store for you in this case.      


SIMPLY STYLISH: You don’t have to be elaborate to make the important people in your life feel exceptional and singular. This elegant and sophisticated offering by Look What Happened is proof of it. 


MONEY PLANT: Gifts of money at special occasions are quite the norm in Indian celebrations. This envelope by Paper Town is specially handcrafted to make such offerings feel a lot more intimate and unforgettable.  


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