How To Host The Perfect Wine And Cheese Party

Tips, hacks, and much more to help you pull off the most sophisticated party of the year!

Birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, or just another reason to throw a bash — a wine and cheese party is a classy way to celebrate an important day in your life. It might seem simple in theory, sure, but organising one and subsequently pulling it off is no easy task. Trust us when we say, handling lightweights who will inevitably enough smash a wine glass or throw up on your couch after their second drink should be the least of your worries.

So, if you’re looking to pull off the party of the year, roll up your sleeves, take a swig of your wine, and note down these hacks and tips that will definitely come in handy!

The Invites

When it comes to hosting a wine and cheese party, it would be wise to send out digital invites, where you specifically ask your guests to RSVP. Wine and cheese aren’t exactly cheap, so you need to keep a track of how many people are going to show up, so as to order accordingly. While under-ordering might be embarrassing, over-ordering will certainly be a colossal waste of money.

The Prep And Decor

A wine and cheese party is supposed to be a sophisticated affair, so while it’s important to entertain your guests with the right degree of pomp, try not to go overboard. And oh, for the love of Dionysus, refrain from serving your guests in paper cups and plates!

For starters, you need to have at least 10-15 more wine glasses than the number guests. This ensures that you will not fall short if glasses are broken or misplaced, and of course, you’re not left scrambling in the kitchen lest some unexpected people show up. Furthermore, the wine needs to be out of the fridge at least an hour before the guests start walking in, so that it’s served at the right temperature to them. And of course, every guest needs to be handed a small plate for their cheese and food — that goes without saying!

Wooden Serving Platters (Left | Right) by Poppadum Art

The different kinds of cheese you’re serving need to be labelled and spread out on the table on marble or wooden platters with an ample amount of distance between them. Lay them out at least a couple of hours in advance, as cheese tastes best at room temperature. And oh, be sure to use separate knives for them all, so as to avoid the mixing of flavours.

Furthermore, it would be a terrific idea to provide each guest a wine and cheese pairing card to make their life a whole lot easier — and if you’re not sure how to go about that, then well, our next point ought to help.

Selecting Cheese, Wine, and the Pairings

Different people have different tastes, and it’s important for you to cater to all of them. Therefore, it would be wise to serve 4-5 different types of cheese — all with different colours, flavours, and textures — at the very least. Some of your best bets would be:

Fresh Cheese: Cream Cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella

Semi-Hard Cheese: Cheddar, Gouda

Hard Cheese: Parmesan

Blue Cheese

As for wines, the must-haves include blancs, shiraz, prosecco, riesling, and chardonnay. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide, this list ought to help!

And oh, don’t forget that champagne works best as a palate cleanser — so keep those in handy too!

Other Food And Accompaniments

OK, it is a wine and cheese party, but there will come a point where people will be hungry, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that cheese isn’t filling enough by itself.

While freshly baked breads and crackers will go very well with the cheese, it wouldn’t be half a bad idea to serve dried fruits, candied nuts, apples, grapes, berries, honey, and of course, dark chocolate.

For the gluttons who love savoury food, the options could range from olives, salads, roasted vegetables, salami, to even sausages and cured meats. And if you wanna go the extra mile, throw in some fondues into the mix!

The Entertainment

There needs to be music — and if you’re unsure about the playlist, we have five right here!

Traditionally speaking, games don’t really form a huge part of wine and cheese night, but you could make things more fun by organising a small blind wine tasting competition, and offering a bottle of wine as a prize.

Things To Keep In Mind As A Guest

Don’t just show up the party. RSVP — always! Secondly, remember, it’s not a buffet, so don’t fill your plate with all kinds of cheese at the same time. Take small portions, and use the knife to cut and serve yourself. And remember, never, ever, under any circumstances, use your hands.

Lastly, please do not chug the wine. The aim is to appreciate and savour the wine, as well the evening — not to get drunk and ruin everyone’s night too!

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    go2kenya December 11, 2017

    Blue cheeses work well with slightly sweeter wines, Fresh cheeses are great paired with slightly fruity wines, and so on. You can test ahead of time to see how you like a taste of the cheese and a sip of the wine, or play it by ear on the night and find out when your friends do!


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